Getting a response is the single objective behind every sales email, be it prospecting email, follow-up email or a break-up email. Written sales communication is different from the verbal pitch-in where you have the benefits of your tonality, facial expression and gentle appearance. On the other hand, sales mailers have only words which needs to be professional yet personal.

There are three prominent parts to every sales email:

The Opening: This is the most crucial part. It includes subject line and the first introductory words that sets the tonality of your mailer. If your subject line caters to the needs of consumers, the email gets opened.

The Value Preposition: This part explains the unique selling proposition of your products/services. It represents your identity in the sector you are operating. It gives your brand a worth and describes why your customers should be interested in what you offer. If your value prepositions are clear, then the email gets read.

The Closing: This is where you tell your audience what to do next. It includes Call-to-action button along with the redirecting links to your website or landing page. Keep it simple, so that you get a good response.


Before sending a sales email, ensure that you know about your prospect or company. Inform yourself about their latest information, news reports and sales figure. Research well and dig up pertinent details. We recommend you to do a SWAT analysis and list basic information such as their demography, age and behavior.

Keep it Personal

Personalize your sales email and ensure that its communication isn’t the same as published in your website or landing page. Instead, focus on the real needs of your customer. Personalization of sales email have much better chance of connecting with your prospect audience.

Ask One Question

Do not make the mistake which every other online businesses makes by writing a long sales pitch. Don’t share every little information about your product or service. Keep it brief. Remember the key is short, simple and strategic.

A Good sales email should be in just one fold of your computer’ screen. Always ask just one question that caters the best to your prospect’s need. Also optimize it for your mobile.

Be Specific

Your email communication should be specific enough to get a prospect on the phone or in-person meeting. Your email should generate interest and deliver your value proposition. Support your communication by summering your selling propositions, user experience and achievements.

Add Links

Always ensure that your reader knows what to do next after reading your sales communication. Ask few questions about why you are sending your email.  Reply to every formulated question step by step in your sales mailer. Add important links that redirects your user from email to the respective landing page or your website through a specifically highlighted “Call-to-Action” button.

Device a strong call-to-action as it strengthens the prospect of a complete purchase cycle. Don’t forget to highlight your CTA button.

Key Takeaways

  • Your Primary Goal: Getting a Response
  • Start email with something about them, not you
  • Always mention the reason and value preposition
  • End your mail question about the prospect’s goal

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