Brand communication is the paramount element that builds your brand reputation with consumers.  A successful brand designs, develops and nurtures reputation. Brand communication is built every time a consumer interacts with your brand. You need to ensure that communication is processed in ways that your consumer prefer.

Brand is effected across various channels every time a consumer:

  • See your brand’s logo
  • View your product/service
  • View brand content
  • Meet your brands representative

Brand communication is thriving to become consumer driven. In the age of social media, consumers are interacting with your brand in a real a time basis. You can use such channels to communicate directly with your consumers. First you need to define your brand communication and its critical elements. PayUmoney Knowledge Platform has listed elements of brand communication which you need to define prior to customer interaction.


Brand Tools

Best brands creates a long lasting and memorable impact into the minds of their customers. They inspire, engage and connect with their audience.

Build a brand which represents the core value of your product. Your brand’s name, logo and tagline are the primary element of your online business. They are the most powerful vessels which denotes the value preposition of your business. Your brand tools must be visually representative and easy to remember, same time they should capture your brand’s personality.

Brand Vision

Your brand’s vision stands for “why you created your business”. It must be developed in the context of your business goals. Be realistic and relevant to the goals which you have derived for your business.

Your mission on the other hand represents what your business will do and how it will express your vision. Ensure that your company’s vision and mission are thoughtful and genuine.

For example: PayUmoney’s vision statement is “Simplifying payments and financial services for everyone.” PayUmoney enables and encourages individuals/entities/users/merchants to transact and make payments in an easy, simple and secured way.

Brand Objective

Your brand comprises your company’s core competencies. Therefore your brand objective must have the ability to grow with your business and should convey positive connotations. Brand helps your online business to develop loyalty and furnish image.

Target Audience

Invest time in identifying the real behavior and pattern of your target audience. It includes their age, geography, interest and behavior. Research their needs and offer products or services accordingly.

Brand Value

Defining your brand communication is deriving value preposition that interacts with your consumers. Your brand value establishes your identity in the sector you are operating. Brand tools, vision, mission and objective together build a value which represents your brand. It gives your brand a worth by differentiating it from others. You must be clear what value you want to incorporate into your consumer’s mind.

For example: Apple has created a brand value, a premium that accrues customers to pay extra for its iPhone.

Brand Competition

Brand positioning is the defining place which you want to own in your consumer’s mind. This definition involves the benefits you want them to think about your brand. It maximizes your engagement with the consumers and gives your business an edge over competition. It includes:

Relevance: Brands must be relevant to their consumers need. Your brand should appeal consumers otherwise they won’t take your brand into consideration.

Differentiation:  Your brand must be unique when compared to your competitors. Your products and services must have its own value prepositions.

Credibility: Brand trust is the ultimate closure for your brand communication. Provide an easy and hassle consumer experience through various channels. Be upfront in solving customer queries and resolutions.

Learn more about incorporating brand value by reading our blog on “Five Customer Experience Competencies to Drive Growth”. Stay tuned in with PayUmoney Knowledge Platform and take your online business into next orbit.