From role definition to work culture, flexibility to autonomy in the job, talent companies and entrepreneurs can attract talent with simple tips for talent recruitment. Video content for recruitment and social media recruiting are effective recruitment tools in this regard.

Having led the USA during the challenging phase of World War II, Franklin Roosevelt once said, I am not the smartest fellow in the world, but I sure can pick the smart colleagues. For precisely this reason, entrepreneurs, particularly startup owners, are always on the hunt for the best talent. No wonder finding and recruiting the top talent is a competitive task, made tougher by the presence of large companies. Pick smart colleagues, and the chances of your startup’s success increase significantly. 

Businesses can hire a talent company and/or search for suitable candidates themselves. Both the employer and the talent recruitment agency must adopt tactics to ensure that they are attracting talent regularly. Here’s how can do so,

Role Definition

A job description is an integral part of any recruitment exercise as it tries to bring in the right job applications. You must identify the work you wish to be done by your colleagues. For this, define the job and map the skills, behaviour, and qualifications required. 

Create Engaging Video Content 

A well-oiled recruitment process is a foundation, but there’s more you can do to entice suitable candidates. Video content is much more engaging than any other content type. The visual appeal of your company video can have a more significant impact in convincing candidates to join. Find out what is it that makes your workplace special. Identify why you would join it as an employee. It could be the work culture, the work-life balance, flexibility and innovation, or something else. 

Leverage Social Media 

Recruitment drives through traditional modes with their reach being limited can be expensive. But more and more people follow brands and pages on social media. Professional, as well as personal, social networking platforms are an inexpensive way of headhunting. Besides, social networks can be insightful in understanding the candidate’s personality and professional expertise. 

Offer Opportunities for Growth 

When it comes to choosing between your startup job and one in a global enterprise, the choice could be obvious for some. You have to make it less obvious by highlighting the opportunities you offer. Convince a candidate for your organization is easy if you are on the highway to sustainable success. Also, highlight to them the career roadmap your company offers and the opportunity for professional growth. 

Offer an Internship Program 

What fresh graduates and students lack in experience, they replenish it with updated skills and enthusiasm. You can contact top institutions, attend university job fairs, and scout for the right talent.

Create a Flexible Environment 

Highlight all possible aspects of autonomy and flexibility that the role offers. Showcase opportunities for skill enhancement, learning, and innovation. At the same time, also portray how this job can make their life more balanced and fulfilling.


Getting the right people in the right job will ease the growth trajectory of your startup. Therefore, put all your efforts into attracting talent that fits right into the role you have defined and can help you build the right culture. After all, if you go alone, you can go fast, but if you go together, you can go far. 

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How have startups influenced hiring in India?

Early this year, the President of India said that the startup ecosystem in India had generated over 6 lakh jobs. The recruitment drive is expected to continue, particularly among unicorns, with the IT sector leading the way. 

What should startups avoid while recruiting?

Startups must avoid expectation mismatch, poor work-life balance and burnout, and unpredictability in job security and career progression, to name a few.