If you work in marketing, you will know the value a nice video brings to your business. A majority of businesses use videos to get clients. To make nice videos, you need good video editing software. You can use an online free video editor, or you can go for paid options as well. Whatever your choice, you should select the best video editing software as per your needs to get the maximum sales for your business.

Best free video editing software

You should use desktop video editing software rather than mobile video editing software because of more features available on the desktop version. If you are looking for free software, here are the top 5 video editing software:-

  1. Lightworks- The software has a free version that is easy to use and intuitive for beginners. With detailed video tutorials, you can easily master the software using free resources. You can easily enhance and polish your marketing video to get the maximum sales for your business. Some top features are high-quality trim functions, speed optimisation, editing and syncing clips from multiple cameras, team-sharing with editing access control, easy one-click video-sharing on various social media websites and support for various video formats. All these features make this amazing software, and the pro version is a bit expensive at $24.99 per month. But for most purposes, you can make do with the free online video editor version.
  2. Videopad- This free online video editor has amazing features, like a 3D video editing and sound effects library. You can compose different styles of videos. You can use special effects, texts, transitions, overlays, etc., to get the best-desired video. Although the software is amazing for beginners, it lacks many features for advanced users. Some features are video optimisation tools, a built-in double screen, social media sharing, a large library of video transitions and visual effects, etc.
  3. HitFilm Express- The software is a bit difficult for beginners, but once you go through the learning curve, it is one of the best free video editing software. This software is used to produce Hollywood-film-like content. Although the software is free, you must post social media posts to promote the software. You can use animation tools in the software, saving time when editing videos. The features include an audio mixer, various transition options, auto-stabiliser, professional-grade video editing, composite shot enhancement, etc. They have a pro version which is priced at $349. But even with the free version, you can produce great content.
  4. DaVinci Resolve- It has features like 8K video editing, colour correction, audio post-production and visual effects combined in a single interface. It can be used for even bigger software as the performance playback engine saves time. Complex features are paid, but the free online video editor features are enough for most users. This software is useful for features like high-quality motion estimation, a dual timeline for quick navigation, intelligent audio editing, picture-in-picture mode, facial recognition, etc. The full version is $269.
  5. VSDC free video editor- The free version has many features, including a mask tool and chroma key functionality for green-screen video effects. Free features include high-quality video maintenance at minimal file sizes, mask tools, social media integration, a full suite of transitional effects, image filters, colour-correction tools, etc. Features like video stabilisation, robust post-production effects, presentations, 3D diagrams, etc., are available in the paid version. The pro version is just $19.99, and it is affordable.

If you use the correct free video editing software, you can make great videos for your business. A professional-looking video can make your sales conversion process easier as the visual appeal will convert potential customers easily. In the world of advertising and marketing, professional-looking videos can give you the edge to succeed in your efforts to convert your potential leads into sales.