Most businesses today realize the importance of collecting payments online. SMEs and Startups are evolving to deliver a great experience for their customers.

Customers buy online because of the convenience and choice. The ability to pay online adds to the ease of buying.

As a small business you understand the need, but not the technology?

Most small business owners realize the importance of taking online payments but are reluctant to adopt. What holds them back is the feeling that online payments require a lot of technology understanding & effort on their part.

Technology must make life simpler

At PayU we believe technology must make it incredibly quick & easy for anyone to collect money online.

PayUmoney take online payments quickly

Imagine if it was as easy as sending an E-mail to collect online payments?

E-mail is one of the most widely used technology by businesses of all sizes. PayU Email invoice allows a business owner to collect online payments by simply sending an Email from their PayU seller dashboard/ app.

Lets get you started in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Login to your PayU seller dashboard & select PayU tools on the left

PayUmoney Email Invoice 1

Step 2: Click on ‘send new invoice’ button on the top right. Fill customer details

PayUmoney Email Invoice 2

Step 3: click ‘confirm’ at the bottom of the screen, the following screen will appear

PayUmoney Email Invoice 3

The Email invoice is sent to the customer with the confirmation on your dashboard

PayUmoney Email Invoice 4

Step 5: your customer receives the E-mail Invoice

PayUmoney Email Invoice 5

The customer simply clicks the ‘Pay Now’ button and makes the payment.

Start taking online payments via Email. Click here to register as a merchant on PayU.

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