YouTube is the second largest search engine with over 800 million unique visitors every month. People are today researching about their favorite brands on YouTube. Therefore it becomes crucial for your brand to join the YouTube world and reach consumers in this most popular online environment.

Here are few simple tips which you can integrate in your digital marketing strategy to start YouTube Marketing:


Create Enthralling Videos

Content of your video is the prime element that increases reach and engagement. Publish videos with content that is creative and valuable. Create videos that addresses your target’s needs. Your video should talk about ‘how to’ answers, product details, integration process, expert reviews and value preposition in a simple and effective manner.

Focus on Search Engines   

Choose relevant keywords for which your prospect customers are looking for new information. Use Google Keyword Planner Tool to research keywords which are specific and relevant. Write titles that justifies the value preposition and add description to explain the added value. Don’t flood YouTube video description with targeted keywords, instead maintain a 3-5 percent keyword density.

Do Channel Branding

Your Brand stands a better chance of engagement and ROI if you set your brand apart from the competition. Create a custom background as per the tone of your online website. Create playlists as per your product and services and align it with your best video content.

Add Call-to-action

Use Call-to-action button as it is the most important aspect to drive lead generation. Ask your prospect customers to sign-up, register, use app or send inquiry through CTA button.

YouTube Ads

People are directly coming to YouTube and entering keywords on search queries. You can bid on those keywords by using YouTube ads. It is quite similar to Google Search Display but instead of showing the text ad copy, YouTube ads displays the thumbnail of the posted video.

There are number of metrics which YouTube takes into account while ranking videos. However, “Watch time” remains the most crucial factor which devices video rankings. Therefore, you need to create video content which keeps your user engaged. YouTube algorithms favors videos with high watch time ratio.

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