No-code payment solutions are becoming famous and will get more accessible and significant, helping ship products quicker. It can be easy to receive payments if you use no-code solutions as it automates and streamlines processes. 

Importance of a Payment Solution

payment solution enables your online customers to pay you money. You won’t be able to process a customer’s transaction through credit card information and receive payment without a payment solution. However, you should choose a payment solution carefully and not be hasty about it. It hugely affects your and your customer’s security. Your customers trust you to keep their personal payment information safe, and you might land yourself in serious trouble if you don’t take care of it seriously. 

The payment solution also affects the shopping experience that a customer experiences. It can determine the checkout process’s reliability, complexity, and speed. 

Customers often abandon their cart if the checkout process is not good. 

Payment Page 

payment page allows customers to buy items securely and quickly. Once a customer adds the desired items to their shopping basket, the user is redirected to a payment page. The customer chooses a payment method and inserts data that the transaction requires. The procedure commonly takes place on the shopping website. 

payment page will involve the customer’s data, such as the first name, last name, mobile number, email, card number, etc. Customers want to order when they fill in this data and confirm the information. The next step is to withdraw the money from the customer’s card once the system processes the data. 

Payment pages are of two types: 

  • API: A customer pays for the goods and services within the website. 
  • HPP: A customer is redirected to an external link for the payment. 

PayU, One of the Best Payment Gateways in India

This payment solution or payment gateway allows simplification of the entire payment process. It is an e-commerce payment system that is a Naspers group’s flagship. In India, it serves over 4,50,000 merchants and has partnered with the biggest banks in our country to simplify, automate, and secure online payments. 

What you Need to Know About a Payment Solution

Here are a few things that are essential for you to know: 

  • Fees
  • Transaction processing
  • Supported by an e-commerce site
  • Customer experience


payment solution has a fee you need to pay to use the service. For instance, a PSP has higher fees. It is because you use their merchant account and payment gateway. You should compare the fees between merchant accounts and payment gateways when not using a PSP. The fees vary with each transaction because of their cost. Understand the terms and conditions before choosing a service and see the volume fees, monthly fees, set up fees, etc. Your profitability gets affected when you have to pay a higher fee. 

Transaction Processing

It depends on an individual payment solution and how much time it takes to process your payments. Once the transaction occurs, it takes a certain amount of time for you to get paid, depending on how your service is set up.

Supported by an e-Commerce site

Your payment solution should be compatible with your e-commerce platform. E-commerce platforms provide a list of solutions that they support. 

Most payment solutions work on most e-commerce websites. 

Customer Experience

Your payment solution decides your customer’s checkout process. Some payment systems or solutions cause customers to leave or stay on your website. Both ways affect your customer’s experience. Customers like to use convenient payment solutions like PayU. Some payment solutions take more time to set up and run but provide a seamless payment processing solution. A secure, fast, and easy checkout process can improve your conversion rate considerably.