Online commerce has transformed the world and the environment around us forever. It is estimated that close to 20% of all sales worldwide are now done in the digital sphere. Indians have also taken to e-commerce in a big way. The spread of cheap and fast Internet is aiding the success of online stores. Significantly, the pandemic has pushed shoppers to avail of the e-services of the retailers for even their most essential needs. No wonder more and more merchants are now looking to create an online presence for their business ventures. A majority of people are using PHP for their online e-commerce needs. When you set up a shop using PHP, you will need a Payment gateway in PHP to accept merchant payments.

Let’s discuss how you can do Payment gateway integration in PHP India with minimal effort.

How to Setup an E-commerce Store With Minimal Effort and Collect Payments

An essential part of online shopping is collecting the buyers’ payments for the purchases they make. The role of a payment gateway assumes significant importance in this matter. This article will help you understand how to integrate a payment gateway in PHP for your web store.

While using an e-commerce platform to build your store would hardly require any coding skills, the application has consolidated features that allow all aspects of your store, including a payment gateway, to integrate seamlessly. But if you would like to connect the payment gateway to your store on your own, you will need a specific set of coding skills. First, let us know about PHP.

What is PHP?

Coding is done using Java, C#, or PHP in most cases. PHP is a general-purpose coding language used for web development. Since 1994, PHP has proven exceedingly helpful to developers in creating content; it is object-oriented and functional. It is widely used today to build simple and dynamic web applications. Payment gateway in PHP source code is the feature of several online stores nowadays.

How to Integrate a Payment Gateway With Your Online Store Using PHP

Once you have selected the most ideal payment gateway service provider for your store, follow the steps to integrate it with your online store using PHP:

Steps to integrate payment gateway with your online store using PHP
Steps to integrate payment gateway with your online store using PHP

Step 1: Create an HTML form to collect the customer’s payment source information.

The entire concept of online shopping is to provide ease and comfort of purchase to buyers. Indian shoppers prefer to pay by credit cards, debit cards, net banking, UPI, e-wallets, and similar options. Online shopping also offers full payment options by which they can pay for their purchases. Payment gateway in PHP India should incorporate all such available options.

Step 2: Create a token to transmit the encrypted data securely.

A customer’s financial data is critical, and it must be protected during online transactions. MySQL is the most popular database system used with PHP. Data security is essential when integrating a payment gateway in PHP and MySQL.

Step 3: Allow form submission along with payment information.

The next step is to submit the form with all relevant data to the customer’s source bank for the requisite approval.

Step 4: Verify and validate the charges.

Once the customer’s source bank confirms the transaction, verify and validate the charges involved in the order process.

Step 5: Display the order status to the user.

Whether the transaction is approved or rejected by the customer’s source bank, display the transaction’s status to the consumer. Also, the payment details need to be stored in the database.

What is API?

In simple terms, an application programming interface (API) is a software intermediary that facilitates two different applications to communicate with each other. For payment integration in PHP, you need access to the API keys and other resources of the payment gateway service provider.

Once you choose the right payment gateway to integrate with your store, you need to sign up with that service and submit all data proof. Once the account is registered, API keys will be shared by the payment gateway service provider. In India, reputed payment gateway service providers, like PayU India, promptly share the API keys with authenticated accounts.

What is GitHub, and Why Should You Know About it?

Many developers today are turning to GitHub for their coding needs. GitHub is a code-hosting platform. You can work with limitless collaborators on countless public and private repositories with a feature set here. Payment gateway integration in PHP and MySQL GitHub collaboration can provide a practical solution for your online store development.

Testing Before Making it Live

As the payment gateway integration in PHP nears completion, test the service before making it live for the consumers. It is the most crucial step. The elements of financial transactions require paramount security. You must take care of the following points:

  • Transaction of the correct amount
  • Transaction approval or rejection by customer’s source bank
  • Security of financial data of the user
  • Provision for refund or charge-back

The need for repeated testing cannot be stressed enough. The developed program should be free of bugs and work effectively at optimum speed. The service should be released for public use only when thoroughly satisfied with the test runs.

Summing Up

The payment gateway integration in PHP cost might be higher than the services available on an e-commerce platform. Such platforms provide ready solutions for creating your online store. In some cases, tailor-made options may not be the best possible solution for your website. That is why the option of coding is kept available for business owners.

Coding in PHP gives you the flexibility of creating your website as per your specific requirements. PHP’s payment gateway integration needs to be done with extreme care while keeping the critical factors in mind.

You must check out PayU India’s website to completely understand how a Payment Gateway works. Don’t delay your Payment Gateway integration; get started today! Here’s to wishing that you create an incredible online store and have great success in your e-commerce venture.


What is PHP?

PHP is a coding language meant for web development. Using PHP, you can easily integrate your chosen payment gateway with your online store.

Are payment gateway transactions safe?

PayU India takes utmost care to ensure that all information entered by the user is kept safe. The transactions made using PayU India’s payment gateway are secure.