Social media and messaging applications have opened an entirely new world for sellers across India. Sellers now realize they can engage their customers directly and more personally on social media and whatsapp.

An increasing number of sellers using PayU sell on facebook and whatsapp. Selling on social channels makes it easier and faster for sellers to engage new customers and grow their business. PayU enables thousands of such sellers to sell more with the PayU webfront.

What is the PayU webfront?

This previous post explains the webfront and how you can create one quickly by signing up for PayU.

How can you use the Webfront to sell on whatsapp/ facebook?

Once your webfront is ready, all you need to do is simply copy the URL of the webfront and share it anywhere on the web. If you have a whatsapp group, you can share the webfront URL in a whatsapp conversation or the same over a facebook chat/ conversation.

Anyone can click on the URL and reach your webfront. They can then choose to make payment for the product that your webfront lists. After the user clicks on the payment button, they are re-directed to the following screen:

PayUmoney Webfront Payment Screen

You could pre-define an amount or keep it open for your user/ customer to define the amount.

Webfront advantage

Webfront is an incredible tool when it comes to accepting online payments for a single product/ value proposition. It makes it incredibly easy and quick for merchants to accept online payments even via mobile.

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