Businesses today must offer maximum e-payment acceptance methods to customers, along with BNPL, EMI, and other deferred and recurring payment options to ensure ease and convenience. PayU maximizes digital transaction possibilities for businesses with popular payment processing and acceptance methods.

The digital age has revolutionized the way businesses handle money. As digitization extends its reach to the end-users, there is an impending customer expectation that businesses must provide all the modes of e payment methods available. As an entrepreneur, this means that you are always looking for the best payment gateway or the payment solutions for your businesses and customers using advanced payment processing technology. 

Let’s explore one of the best payment solutions available that is also empowering businesses to be a part of a cashless India.

Payment Solutions That Empower Businesses

Modern businesses need cutting-edge payment solutions as well as financial solutions that are emerging in the industry. These solutions mentioned below will empower businesses to handle finances better,

  • Digital payment gateway integration that accepts a host of electronic payment systems and methods
  • International payment acceptance with digital transactions involving international currencies
  • Automated and recurring payment collection mechanism for subscription-based revenue sources
  • Monthly EMI and delayed payment acceptance mechanism
  • Faster refund processing
  • Customer checkouts and detail collection
  • One-click payments
  • Customer loyalty and reward programs
  • Payment acceptance through payment links
  • Customized payment buttons
  • GST invoicing
  • Faster payment money disbursal to customers and vendors
  • API-based payments and transfers
  • Priority settlements for business

PayU Payment And Integrated Services

PayU makes sure that all possible digital payment India can get is made available to your customers, including credit cards, debit cards, net banking, EMIs, BNPLs, UPI, and wallets. With PayU technology, integration becomes seamless as you utilize APIs, SDKs, and plug-and-play partnerships. Some of the reasons that make PayU the ideal choice for the digital upgrading of your business are,

  • With the PayU payment gateway India gets over 150 methods of accepting digital payments
  • Currencies of more than 150 countries accepted making international payments hassle-free
  • Automated payment collection via multiple payment methods
  • The PayU Affordability Suite maximizes your sales with options of card EMIs, no-cost EMIs, Buy Now Pay Later, and Cardless EMIs
  • Instant refund facility that ensures customer refund within five minutes of a refund request
  • PayU token hub offers fast and secure customer checkout and collects customer details across all payment modes
  • Native OTP feature offers a one-click payment experience to the customers
  • PayU offers to pay with rewards option for customers – the largest online aggregation of loyalty programs in India
  • Apart from a payment gateway for website, PayU payment merchant links ensure payments in minutes and without the need for codes or websites
  • PayU payment buttons don’t even need payment integration. You can copy a line of code and start collecting payments
  • Generate itemized GST-compliant invoices and share the same using an inbuilt payment link
  • PayU Payouts help disburse payments and get refunds to and from vendors, business partners, employees, etc.
  • Marketplaces and aggregators can pay vendors and others using PayU API-based automated split payments
  • Select the settlement cycle and activate instant settlements with PayU Priority Settlements, a PayU finance option that is handy in times of liquidity crunch  

The future of payments in businesses is going to be more digitized. PayU equips small businesses and large enterprises with up-to-date digitized and fintech payments. It is time you capitalize on the advantages of online payment and grow your business with the latest in payment technology.


Can I try PayU before integrating its services?

Yes, you can test the various PayU features and carry out a dummy transaction. If you are happy with the feature(s) you can integrate PayU with the help of the PayU developer guide.

Can self-employed individuals use PayU services?

You can sign up with PayU even if you don’t have a registered business. You will have to mention yourself as an “Individual” in the business details section and get yourself registered.