It takes a lot of effort for an entrepreneur to run a business. Besides maintaining operations, entrepreneurs are also burdened with keeping the cash flowing while keeping a tab on the same for tax filing and returns, among other requirements. This is where business credit cards come to the rescue. They’re easier to obtain than a non-revolving business loan and give you faster access to credit, cashbacks on frequent business-centric purchases, and lounge access, among other financial benefits. In simple terms, these credit cards are designed for business and corporate purposes rather than individual users. Business credit cards also offer a range of benefits such as rewards, loyalty points, travel protection, and expense management.

Several top players in India offer excellent business credit cards. But choosing one from many appealing ones may be challenging. Here is a list of some of India’s top business credit cards that you can choose from.

Top Credit Cards In India Meant For Businesses

Please note that banks take into account a number of variables, including your annual income, credit score, and credit record when deciding whether to grant you a credit card. Your ability to obtain this credit card is significantly influenced by your organisation, its track record, and other credibilities. 

Here is a list of top credit card companies in India that offer the best business credit cards:

HDFC Bank Business MoneyBack Credit Card

  • The HDFC Bank Business MoneyBack Credit Card comes with the following features:
  • Free one-year membership to Zomato Gold
  • 5% return on telecom and electricity bills, taxes (both federal and state), railway, hotels and dining, and taxi bookings
  • 1000 rewards maximum every calendar month for 5X Reward Points on fuel (valid for the first year only)
  • Every anniversary year, 2,500 credit card incentive points are awarded for annual spending of a total amount of Rs. 1.8 lakh or more.
  • For every Rs. 150 purchased online, you’ll receive 4 reward points, while other purchases will earn you 2 reward points (except fuel)
  • To be eligible for the HDFC Bank Business MoneyBack Credit Card, you must be a professional or self-employed businessperson; should fall between the ages of 21 and 65; should have submitted annual income tax returns totalling a minimum of Rs. 2.5 lakh.

Axis Bank My Business Credit Card

  • The Axis Bank My Business Credit Card comes with the following features:
  • You can earn interesting reward points with the eDGE Customer Rewards Program and exchange them for incentives from a selection of more than 500 products.
  • With this card, you are granted free access to lounges at numerous airports across the nation. You are entitled to two lounge visits per quarter.
  • You can personalize the card by having your name and your company name or designation embossed on it.
  • In the event that your card is lost or stolen, the “No Lost Card Liability” function protects you from being held responsible for paying for unauthorized purchases.
  • You have the choice to break up significant purchases above Rs. 2,500 into monthly installments and repay them at a lower interest rate, allowing you to save more money.
  • All self-employed candidates, including sole proprietors, SME businesses, partnership firms, physicians, and other self-employed professionals, are eligible to apply for this card. The potential client should already be acquainted with the bank.

State Bank of India Platinum Corporate Credit Cards

If you are planning to use the SBI Platinum Corporate Credit Card, check out its features:

  • Utilising the spend management tool from Visa Intellilink, you can monitor and manage your company’s costs.
  • The card is recognized at more than 38 million locations worldwide, including 3 million locations in India.
  • Free insurance protection with your SBI Corporate Card; interest-free credit terms of 20 to 50 days.
  • You can replace the card in any region in the world. 
  • To be qualified for this card, you must fulfil these requirements: The principal applicant must be at least 18 years old and no older than 70 years old; the person involved has to be an Indian national; any additional applicants must be older than 15 years old.

Make Your Business Stand Out With A Business Credit Card

Business credit cards are meant to manage business expenses and offer business rewards and perks. In this article, we explained what a business card for credit is, how you can apply for one, and some of India’s top business credit cards. Please go through the details, terms, and conditions of all the available business credit cards before applying. A good CIBIL score can make the whole process easier.

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What are some of the top business credit cards in India?

The top business credit card companies in India are HDFC Bank Business Moneyback Credit Card, Bank of India – India Credit Card, SBI Platinum Corporate Credit Card, and Axis Bank My Business Credit Card. 

What credit score is best for obtaining business credit cards?

You can get business credit cards if your credit score is between 640 and 699. For most business credit cards, eligibility requires a strong credit score.

Can I use my credit card more than the allowed limit?

The credit limit of your card is determined by your bank. It is based on several factors, such as your credit score.