To sell on marketplaces and survive and grow, sellers need to get organic traffic. Here are some vital tips for selling on marketplaces that are organic but hold immense value to drive organic traffic and should always be on your checklist.

Selling on marketplaces has been a wonderful gift to small and big businesses, empowering them to focus more on production and inventory than on distribution. With online selling, products can be tested and sold easily and conveniently distributed within a few days across countries.

Such marketplaces allow owners to sell products without setting up their websites and online stores and enable them to scale on a limited marketing budget. They have reduced the need for marketing departments, and you can sell on the marketplace as a business as soon as you have the inventory. Let’s look at the ways to sell online in the right way to drive visitors to your products and turn them into customers.

How to drive organic traffic at online marketplaces?

Traffic is the blood of online marketplaces simply because if traffic dries up, the marketplaces become cold and lifeless. Therefore, to sell on marketplaces and survive and grow, sellers need to get organic traffic, i.e., traffic derived to the website from genuine search rather than paid search.

Driving and enhancing organic traffic is crucial for any online seller. Search engines are one of the primary traffic sources, and they care about high-quality outbound links and content. Here are some vital tips for selling on marketplaces that are organic but hold immense value to drive organic traffic and should always be on your checklist.

Use solid and related keywords

Focus on your primary and secondary keywords because organic traffic visitors visit particular pages by searching specific keywords. When they search for those keywords, you want them to find your website on top of the results page. Websites ranked on the first page alone of Google, Yahoo, and Bing get 30% of organic traffic through specific keywords. If you are on page 5, no one will even open your webpage, irrespective of how good it is. So be precise with your keywords and never stuff unrelated keywords.

Make a strong foundation for SEO

SEO is one of the most crucial drivers of organic traffic. Here is a simple SEO checklist :

• Implement the perfect keyword density.

• Take care of image optimization.

• Structure the data to make it more understandable.

• Optimize meta descriptions.

• Use exclusive and different product descriptions to get a favourable ranking.

Create high-quality content

High-quality, consistent and engaging content is the key to selling on marketplaces and making the content actionable for visitors. Adding to user experience has the potential to create wonders for your business.

• Since a potential customer spends only about 20 seconds looking at a product, provide a summarized section about your products.

• Highlight the format of the content to improve its readability.

• Videos are more effective and actionable, build more credibility, provide a personal touch, and help you deliver a crisp and concise message to your target audience.

Work on the detailed description of products

Once a customer like your summary and presentation, they would like to read more about your product.

• Describe how your products can add value, save time or reduce trouble and cost to them.

• Highlight your USP and all the reasons for how your products can improve your customers’ lives.

• Explain in-depth new/unique features of your products to help customers understand quickly. 

Online store architecture and design

Keep your online store user-friendly and easy to navigate.

• Keep the buying process simple with minimum steps. If your visitors decide to buy your product but cannot purchase it, that’s a convinced customer lost, which is the last thing you want.

• Keep noticeable navigation pages to help visitors walk through the product. 

• Pages should be fast and responsive.

• Provide multiple call-to-action buttons on the website and highlight them.

Make the most of your social proof

Human beings are social creatures and are hardwired to follow the herd mentality. Therefore, social proof has always been a decisive selling factor and is especially important in luxury businesses. Quite simply, social proof is the evidence of other people buying your products and loving them. When your potential customers see this, it encourages them to follow the herd and buy your product as well. 

Another reason this works is that people can see other actual people that have used your products, rather than just you trying to sell them. Thus, it is a highly effective tactic for selling, and it is easy to show social proof online. The primary ways of social proof online are displaying testimonials of happy customers, 5-star ratings, and excellent product reviews. Here is how to use them : 

• Use references such as “90% of the people got results within 45 days of usage”.

• Use testimonials that focus on your strengths, e.g., if your product saves time, show testimonials of people who saved plenty of time and pursued other essential things in the meantime.

• You can provide proof of high-end businesses and celebrities being your clients. It works like a magnet for their die-hard fans.

• Tell success stories of your satisfied, recurring customers.

• To accumulate social proof faster, you might send reminders to your existing customers to review your products on the platform.

• Use multiple social media platforms to display your reviews.


Getting lost in the ocean of searches and the online marketplace is easy. To stand out, you don’t just need to have a strategy in place. It would help if you were faster, more intelligent, more oriented and optimized, and simply better than your competition, along with choosing a marketplace that enables you to achieve your online selling goals. PayU India allows you to do precisely that and even more. Find out how you can become a seller.