Now you know how to set LinkedIn adverts, it’s time we tell you how to optimize your LinkedIn ad results. Optimizing LinkedIn advert is about discovering new ways to create value prepositions that can improve the performance your ad.

Always create multiple campaigns as it helps you to better understand user behavior on your advertising spend. It will also help in identifying the most performing ad set. These multiple variations is across:

Products: Create a separate campaign for each of your products.

Ad Sets: Create multiple versions of each campaign.

Locations: Create campaigns for a different location.

Don’t forget to monitor performance of your ad campaign. Crucial matrices such as Click-through-rate and impressions are good indicators of how an ad is performing.

Key Factors to Optimize:

Impressions: We recommend you to bid higher in case your competitors are bidding high on your relevant keywords. By increasing bids, your campaigns will be more competitive against your competitors. As a result of which, you will receive more impressions and clicks. Keep your target audience broad to get maximum impressions.

Daily Budget: Optimize your daily budget such that it is adequate enough to last throughout the day.

Click-through-Rate: CTR is the percentage of clicks your ad is getting. Always give value prepositions to your users. Give them a reason to click on your ad. Try 3-4 variations for a single ad campaign.

Adjust Bid-Range

Set a bid price, and manually adjust Cost-per-Click (CPC) and Cost-per-Impressions (CPM). We advise you to bid above the suggested bid. Initially, it will increase more impressions and reach a wider range of audiences.

A common practice is starting with a high bid and optimizing it with time. This practice will enable you to complete your marketing goals prior to the set deadline. Bid on Cost-per-click in order to achieve maximum ROI.

  • Stop if conversion rate is < 2%
  • Increase bid if conversion rate is > 2%

LinkedIn Ad Rotation

LinkedIn ad rotation delivers impressions to the creatives evenly across your campaign’s lifetime. Use LinkedIn rotation so that all your ads get an equal opportunity on the LinkedIn platform.

  • Rotate variations evenly
  • Give keywords equal opportunity

This option delivers impressions to your ad creatives evenly. It helps to identify the best performing creative.

A/B Testing

LinkedIn adverts perform best when there are two-three ad variations which compete among themselves. A/B testing on the other hand helps you to identify the best performing ad set. Constantly change Ad Copy, Title, URL, CTA etc. to filter out the best. Once you determine the creative with the highest CTA, stop all the lowest performing ad sets.

Develop Your Targeting

Always ask yourself below mentioned questions about your users:

  • Where are they located?
  • Do they work in a certain sector?
  • Do they have a specific job?
  • Do they belong to certain groups?
  • Do they have certain skills?

Content Testing

  • Test your intro, headline, teaser and description
  • Test creatives and elements
  • Try Image variations

Test CTAs

  • Sign Up
  • Sign Up Now
  • Start Now
  • Join Now
  • Apply

Keep a constant watch on your Website Analytics to understand the performance of ad campaigns better. Analyze visitor behaviour, conversion rates and session report. Without proper analyzing your website analytics, you won’t understand the behaviour and value of your traffic.

Optimization of LinkedIn is an ongoing process where you keep on identifying leaks in the existing campaigns. Try experimenting to increase your ROI.

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