Your leads are synonymous with the websites that produce them. The landing page or the website built for generating leads shouldn’t be time-consuming. Rather they must be simple, loaded with a seamless user interface. The success of your lead generation process is dependent on a variety of factors. But the most crucial and specific equation to the entire process is your lead form.

When you are marketing your lead form to collect relevant information, you are actually propagating a lead automation system that requires information to target your prospect audience.  If your business goal is to capture leads, then you must strategically define the stature of your lead form.

Always ask the below questions while creating your lead generation form:

  • How many fields need to be included in the lead form?
  • Which fields do you need to prioritize?
  • Should you ask user’s contact number?
  • Do you need location, age or qualifications?
  • What about the placement of the lead form?

A weak lead generation form can collapse your entire lead generation process. Hence, here at PayU Knowledge Platform, we have outlined some of the best ways for you to build a perfect lead generation form.

Focus on Appearance

Your lead generation form is the first impression of relationship a new visitor will have with you. Therefore, you must keep it simple, easy and beautiful.  Position your lead form on the right hand side, preferably above the fold.  Forms on the right hand side draws more leads. Use attention grabbing colors to highlight your lead generation form. Your form should be clearly visible throughout your landing page or website.

Ask Only Relevant

Keep your lead form as simple as possible. Ask only needful information. Don’t bother your user to fill a lengthy form with dozens of fields. Be actually smart about the most relevant information you need to collect. If you require multiple information, then I suggest you to break up into multiple forms.

Create Effectively

Your form headline, CTA and copy must reflect the benefits of filling the form. Create a compelling story about your online business while making the headline of your form. Always focus on creating a personalized connection with the user. Remember you need to evolve human emotions as you are dealing with user’s interest and their behaviour. Create copy that speaks to your visitors, thereby motivating them to fill in their personal information. Choose your CTA button carefully. It must depict the value you are incorporating with your user. Your CTA should be fairly visible.


More visitors these days are hitting information on mobile. Therefore, optimize your lead generation form for mobile. Incorporate features which are mobile-friendly such as responsive drop-down buttons, shorter typing fields and simple select buttons.

Do A/B Testing

Always A/B test the elements present in your form. Create various versions of your lead form and keep experimenting as per the response. Test copy, CTA, form length and color to identify the best working element. A/B testing will help you in fine-tuning your lead generation process. Always look for ways to improve your form.

When you are asking visitors to fill your lead generation form, you are asking their personal information. Therefore, you must show to them why sharing information is safe. Making an awesome landing page incorporated with value prepositions makes your interface trustworthy, safe and valuable. Your headline, copy and form design boost that trust.

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