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In the third episode of #ForgeWithPayU, we’re here with the story of a brand that brought the rich and traditional handloom of India out to the world in the form of an easy saree with a dash of contemporary style- SUTA. In this conversation with Sujata and Taniya Biswas, Co-founders, they unveiled the story of how SUTA came into being. They started with five people Sujata, Taniya, two weavers, and another employee. To cut down costs, they took care of every task on their own, from sweeping the office to packing a saree to shipping. Now, they have 100+ employees, along with 14,000 weavers and artisans.

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Let’s Find Out More About SUTA’s Journey! 

They were engineers eager to infuse meaning into their work. Their research showed that it was difficult for people to find soft cotton and woven fabrics were quite expensive. They founded SUTA, launching soft cotton sarees which were stylish, easy to wear, and affordable.  

They started as an online brand, linked everything to their website, and onboarded PayU Payment Gateway to help scale SUTA’s growth.   

Sujata & Taniya feel no shame in accepting that they started from scratch. Instead, they say there’s certain greatness in humility & starting small. It helps in knowing one’s worth for what it is. They took a slow & steady approach to grow their business organically. During their initial days, they did everything, from designing, packaging, modelling, and photography,  to cleaning their office space. They took trains rather than hopping on to cabs for vendor meets so they could cut down on costs. 

One of the highlights in their journey was in 2021, when they had a flat sale of 33% for 33 minutes on their website, leading to 2000+ orders in less than 30 minutes. Logistics, there were concerns, but PayU mitigated all the payment-related risks and supported Suta in taking this leap of success. 

SUTA has woven more than 5 lakh sarees and launched more than 5000 products. This six-year journey of Sujata and Taniya has constantly been an upward learning curve for them. Intending to grow SUTA daily, Su and Ta believe that PayU has been the backbone of their journey.  

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