We take great pride in being a part of the growth journeys of startups. Forge With PayU presents the success journeys of businesses and entrepreneurs that carved a niche with their ideas. Exceptional stories of excellence that will motivate you every time you hear them.   

In the first episode of #ForgeWithPayU, we’re here with the story of a brand that started a cold brew revolution and made its way to become a household name, Sleepy Owl. In this conversation with Arman Sood, Co-Founder of Sleepy Owl, we unveiled the story of how Sleepy Owl came into being. You’ll get to know some interesting facts & see their journey. 

Tap on the video below to find out how! 

Let’s find out more about Sleepy Owl’s Journey! 

In 2016 they researched the coffee landscape in India and found the best way to start was to take Indian coffee online. They set up their website with one product & in 30 days, they built a website, added PayU Payment Gateway, locked in courier service, and got the coffee rolling.   

They became India’s first cold brew coffee and delivered it too. As Sleepy Owl is an online brand, having a seamless payment experience was important & that’s where PayU held the fort for them. In the lockdown, they clocked 500 orders a day and decided to shut cash on delivery.  

They started selling one cup of coffee & today; they sell millions of them. Starting a business wasn’t as easy for them as it is today. Today everything happens at the tip of your fingers if you leverage tech well. 

They believed there’s never a right time to start because even if they fail, they’ll be young enough to start again.

Did Sleepy Owl’s journey inspire you to take your next step? Let’s do it together because #TimeIsNow

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