Five Customer Experience Competencies to Drive Growth

Building a growth driven engine requires an effective customer experience. Online businesses today are competing primarily on end-to-end customer experience. This framework has shifted from driving marketing or sales to creating a satisfactory on-boarding experience. It impacts the manner in which your company brings new product or drive its definition of growth.

Working through such competencies will result in the overall transformation of your customer experience. You can customize your customer experience competencies as per your products, leaders and business segments.

Here are five customer experience competencies which you need to integrate in your online business:


Honor Your Customers

Make sure your customers are never left in confusion and they are valued above all else. Communicate with your customers, show your value and prevent revenue from walking out the door. Engage your top leaders while communicating with your customers. It can be done by creating a thought leadership through blogs. Nurturing your customers is your customer asset growth. Keep a tab of new and lost customers, as it will help you rate your customer asset growth.

Engage & Resolve

Ask your customer about on-boarding and purchase experience. Also address their concern while taking responsibility of your product/services. It will further help in delivering a pleasant experience to your customers.

Align Customer Experience Mapping

Mapping customer experience starts with understanding the stages involved in buying process. Once you establish the journey, create code of conduct to measure customer experience. It will clarify what your company can and cannot do for customers. Make your resources accountable for customer experience they incorporate.

Unite Feedback Channels

Combine the listening path of your customers where they are sharing purchase experience. Tell your customers why your product or service matter to them, in short create a value preposition. The best way to deliver it is by creating a listening path for your internal resource. It will help them to better understand your customers.

Enable Your Internal Assets

The final step to establish customer experience competency is to involve your employees to become customer-centric. It is your responsibility to equip employees with tools they require to deliver an awesome customer experience.

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