Customer reviews help the e-commerce companies improve their services by understanding more about the customer’s perspective on their services.

The whole world is being digitalised, and the ‘digital India’ campaign has encouraged Indians to participate. E-commerce is the method of transferring money/funds or services over an electronic platform, i.e. the internet. After the pandemic, the use of Ecommerce has encouraged and increased. While using ecommerce websites, the customers cannot physically check the product or the service. Therefore they look for the reviews of other customers. Thus, ecommerce websites with negative reviews decrease the trust of the customer. 

Significance of Product Reviews on Ecommerce

Product reviews play an essential role in developing customer trust in ecommerce. As they are unbiased and based on the user’s experience, these reviews help clear the customers’ doubts and make them more confident about purchasing the services provided by e-commerce. Moreover, the customers not only rely on a single review, but they look for many others. Mostly, they search for any negative comments about the product or service to ensure their safety. The greater the number of product reviews, the more traffic the customers are on these websites. Such as the positive reviews on PayU (a place for all payment solutions for online businesses) has made it one of the most trustworthy site.

Despite achieving the consumer’s trust, these reviews also help the e-commerce companies improve their services by understanding more about the customer’s perspective on their services. Thus, they can alter them as per their demands. Moreover, the company does not have to use many of its resources as these reviews self-generated by the customers.

Using Customer Reviews to Increase the Sale

We can confidently say that product reviews play a significant role in attracting organic customer traffic. Thus, there are some ways through which you can use these reviews to increase sales. Explore below to find out the best ways of it:

  • Sharing the Reviews: As we have already discussed, a new customer feels more confident after reading positive service reviews. Therefore, you can share this positive feedback on your social media accounts. However, it is necessary to take permission before posting any user comment on the official page. 
  • Using a Genuine Review as a meta-text: A small paragraph is written first when writing any blog or article. This small paragraph of two to three lines tells the writer about the brief of the article’s topic. Try to incorporate these product reviews into meta-text. In such a way, the customer will feel more confident and will try to explore more about the services. Moreover, it is necessary to take permission before using the review as a meta-text.
  • Address the Negative Feedback: Negative reviews tend to decrease the traffic to the website. Therefore, always try to answer them and clear their doubts. If there is an issue with the service, you can apologise and promise to fix it. If the customer cannot use the services correctly, you can also guide them. This will show the customers you care about their reviews and boost their confidence.


The world is getting more digitalised day by day. Thus, customers rely more on e-commerce for their purchases and transactions. The customer’s product reviews play an essential role in developing the trust of new customers and making them more confident while purchasing any service. However, there can be both positive and negative comments about any product. The e-commerce companies must answer these negative comments positively and confidently. This positive attitude makes the customer believe that the company cares about the review of their customers. Moreover, as mentioned above, many ways to use these reviews to increase sales.


What do you mean by customer reviews on any product?

Customer reviews are the genuine and unbiased appraisal of any service delivered by any company. These reviews can be either in favour of the company or against it. The review can be either in the form of ratings or a detailed description of the services provided by any company.

What is the benefit of a positive customer review?

A positive customer review helps attract new customers by making them more confident in the services provided by the company. New customers tend to look for more reviews before purchasing any item online. Thus, a positive review will eventually help to attract an organic crowd of customers.

How many ratings are considered a good review?

A rating from 4 to 4.5 is considered good. A rating of 5 means that the customer is satisfied and happy with the services or products.

What are the three basic types of e-commerce?

The three basic types of e-commerce are B2B, B2C and C2C.

State a benefit of e-commerce?

E-commerce provides an easy and quick method of buying services or products online.