Every company aspires to run its business as effectively as possible. However, mistakes do happen and can have adverse effects. One of the most important yet challenging corporate operations is payroll processing. SMEs typically use spreadsheets to conduct payroll or contract it out to a professional because they have fewer employees than giant corporations. These payroll processing techniques are pretty prone to mistakes.

Employee morale may suffer, and productivity may be hindered by mistakes in processing and executing wages. Maintaining legislative compliance is crucial to ensuring that computations are accurate and completed on time. Businesses require a deeper grasp of the entire process and why payroll automation is necessary to guarantee compliance with regulations and employee satisfaction with the payroll process.

Payroll Meaning

The process of paying employees’ salaries is known as payroll. In payroll processing, making a list of the personnel who need to be paid comes first, and recording the expenses comes last.

It’s a slightly tedious procedure that requires cooperation from numerous teams, including payroll, HR, and finance. However, organizations can easily handle all the complexity by utilizing contemporary technology.

The procedure includes determining the amount owed to the employees for a specific payroll cycle after making the required adjustments for deductions like TDS, employee PF contributions, and meal vouchers.

Payroll is one of your most significant monthly expenses and a time-consuming chore, so as a business owner, you should be aware of the complications involved. The teams must closely monitor the entire process.

Responsibility For Employee Payroll

Primarily, HR manages the payroll of the organization. However, in the case of SMEs, the business owner may perform payroll duties, including generating monthly pay slip for 2022. 

Recently, hiring a third-party payroll company meaning to provide payroll services, including payroll accounting and implementation of an efficient payroll system, has become popular too. 

Challenges In Managing Payroll System 

  • Employee information may be compromised, and failing to protect it could harm the company’s reputation.
  • Paper-based documents are prone to loss. Unauthorized access is only a password away, even if the documents are stored on spreadsheets.
  • The dynamic teams must spend a lot of time and energy responding to numerous update requests. Salaries could be incorrectly credited if these data aren’t updated.
  • Employees can miss the deadline for submitting records. This significantly slows down the entire procedure.
  • Using spreadsheets or any other manual approach involves time-consuming calculations, even though there are no upfront costs.
  • This process is handled by numerous teams, all of which have access to these spreadsheets. Any information handling error or breakdown can have an impact on enterprises.

Automation: The Solution To Payroll Challenges

There are a variety of solutions available, ranging from easy wage calculating tools to Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS).

Here are some features to think about when selecting payroll software:

Simple to use: There should be significantly fewer requirements for a user guide or training module. The software should be straightforward to use.

Automation: The program should assist companies in automating their payroll procedures and ensuring their workers are paid on schedule.

Employee self-service: With only a few clicks, employees should be able to check their payslips, make investment declarations, and change their papers using the program.

Time, attendance, and leave management: The software should offer a website, biometric devices, or APIs for leave & attendance management.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a payroll cycle?

A payroll cycle is a period between two salary disbursements. It is usually processed once a month in India. Companies might choose to pay employees’ salaries weekly, bimonthly, or monthly.

What tools are commonly used for payroll accounting in India?

Most SMEs in India maintain their salary sheet in excel. Some organizations prefer to manage payroll in tally. Besides these, some companies also use various timesheet software to track the payroll time, employee’s work, and wages. 

Are excel salary sheet formulas available online to assist in payroll services?

There are several excel salary sheet formulas pdf and templates available online to assist you with the payroll process. These templates make things easier for you when it comes to generating employee salary slips, calculating various statutory deductions, and the net payment to be made.

Is third-party payroll services good for my payroll management?

When an employer outsources some or all of their payroll-related obligations to outside payroll companies, this is referred to as third-party payroll. These service providers guarantee that the conditions regarding the payroll are satisfied. This helps the organizations focus on their primary business and carry out commercial operations effectively.

What are the steps involved in HR payroll duties?

The fundamental steps involved in managing employee payroll services are welcoming new staff, establishing your payroll policy, gathering input from the workforce, verifying the employees’ inputs, making payroll calculations using salary sheet records, issuing salary slips, and paying out salaries and related statutory dues.