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From Shrijay’s trunk of expertise….

When it comes to getting the work done – swift and smart, it boils down to being a super ninja who has it all to combat everything that is thrown in the way. Here are the 5 proven ninja techniques to be a successful entrepreneur when followed cautiously.

1.Building An A-Team

Building your ‘A-team’ involves finding those who are equally crazy and passionate about your idea. The role of an entrepreneur in getting the A-team ready lies in, pumping more and more like-minded people that help to create a sense of startup community. These are the ones on whom you would rely on.

In return, it will help you start a marketing chain reaction without any monetary bet, building the confidence and revenue. From placing the right personnel at the right place to evaluating performances on the basis of their strength, is the key to get the work done.

2. Groom Your Persona

The true value of any successful entrepreneur lies in his or her persona. As an entrepreneur you can structure a persona which is approachable, easy going yet hungry for success. For a perfect balance, entrepreneurs need to keep an image, streamline it with the face-value of your company and shape it towards a brand. This is something which will offer a value proposition to your company or startup.

Here are a few things that an entrepreneur needs to indulge in for grooming an ‘all-arounder’ persona:

  • Ambition: It is best to lead a vision with the passion that blends with burning and gut-wrenching need to see it come alive.
  • Self-confidence: Keep believing in yourself even if you waiver a bit here and there.
  • Adaptability: To changes and to things that happen unplanned. Groom yourself to be able to think from your feet.
  • Smart working: Don’t be a hero. Share your work and split the tasks. Monitor, analyse and evaluate with the utmost scrutiny.
  • Be at ease with risk: Take calculated risks and be responsible for everything that falls apart.
  • Stick to the ground: Burn ego to go far and hit that milestone that you’ve set up for your startup.

Take risks and tap the opportunities that unfold by leading the startup as a dynamic leader!

3. Know Your Customer Right

Most of the time startups fail because there are not enough customers to buy the idea. If you aren’t sure of who is going to benefit from your service or product then it definitely means that there are no potential customer that exists.

So the first thing to do even before planning the budget, raising the capital, or even registering your business, is:

  • To ensure that there exists a customer; the one who is willing to buy your product or use your service.

There’s no business without a customer and every successful entrepreneur will know his/her customer from the very beginning. Once you have known your customers in the right manner, you could also identify the quality value that you can offer to solve their problems.

4. Value & Use Time Wisely

Thinking that we have enough time is a trap of fallacy. Human beings are procrastinators and entrepreneurs are no different. The biggest misconception of having time by your side leads in delaying the most important tasks. Keep all distractions such as social media, texting and so on at bay for more productivity and hence results!

It’s a fact that you don’t have enough time to let go. Therefore getting the priorities set is the only option to make the most out of what you have. Remember: There are high chances that a big idea in your head is seeding somewhere else too.

Pro-tip: Break your bigger goals into smaller chunks that you can manage. Being an entrepreneur is not that taxing as it seems if you keep finishing tasks based on the fixed deadlines.

5. Networking Is Important

Enough has been said about this and I can’t really insist on how much networking matters for the early success of your company. The key lies in balancing both – business and networking activities. With more organized networking, idea exchange with other entrepreneurs initiates deeper business insights and connections. Join as many startup networking events happening in your town during the weekend and catch up with fellow entrepreneurs around to have a short chat.

The journey as an entrepreneur is filled with uncertainty and is not an overnight story. One has to deal with problems related to complex government regulations, resources and finances, and plenty of other things. It is, therefore, best to have someone from the same breed around to mentor, to look up to, and even share talks on business. Proper guidance opens new opportunities, especially for getting into the partnership and collaborations. Upgrading yourself timely with regards to the techniques mentioned above is a bonus! Keep going, keep sailing.

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