If you are looking to sell online, go for what’s trending today. Find out some of the most trending products in India that are popular among consumers.

India, being the second-most populous country, serves as a great consumer base for sellers. While a consumer base of even a fraction of the population is enough to kick start your business, it is important to meet the consumer needs and preferences to grow long-term. For this, you need to be up-to-date with the most trending products in India.

To become successful in the Indian business scenario, you must have the appropriate marketing skills and a desire to grow and succeed. Apart from this, you need to select something which has the potential to become a trending product in India. However, people often get stuck in selecting the right product.

So, how can you select the right product? The answer is simple – just scan what’s trending in the market. In this article, we have covered some of the most trending products to sell in 2022 in India:

Mobile phones

With each passing day, a new technology takes over. It takes no time for the present technology to become obsolete, especially when it comes to smartphones. Mobile phones are one of the most trending products in the Indian market. They also open up a wide market for accessories such as chargers, power banks, screen guards, phone covers, etc.

Fitness bands

With an increase in awareness about fitness and healthy living, more and more people are opting for healthy lifestyles. Tracking fitness has thus become important. This led to the rise of fitness trackers. Fitness trackers are embedded with the latest technology to track your pulse rate, oxygen level, calorie count, and whatnot! Some manufacturers have gone a step further by adding a feature that gives early and timely health alerts. What could be more in demand?

Yoga mats

Another effective way to stay fit is by practising yoga. The yoga mat industry is projected to cross $17.3 billion by 2025. A simple yoga mat can be effective in various workouts like pilates, bodyweight training, aerobics, etc. With multiple uses and increased awareness about the benefits of yoga, demand for yoga mats will only increase in the future. 


Online shopping has become the new norm. You can order anything at the click of buttons, and there is no need to visit multiple crowded shops to check out different clothing lines. Go online, scroll until you find your favourite design, enter the size and order!

Furniture & home décor 

The furniture and home décor industry is growing rapidly as people are going online for more variety and options to choose from. It would be difficult to find the chair that perfectly blends with your naturistic-themed home décor in offline stores. But you can find one online easily as you can seamlessly compare different products virtually.

Earphones & buds

As stated earlier, the need for accessories is growing with smartphones. Earphones and buds have become more than just an electronic product. They have gradually entered the category of wearable accessories. Since the introduction of wireless earbuds in the online marketplace, there has been a significant rise in earbud searches.

Video games

The gaming industry is booming. It has grown from being a part of the entertainment industry to a full-fledged career for the new generation. The Play-and-Earn concept has further boosted this segment. With improvements in graphics and related features and technology, video games are the trend now.


Candles, especially the scented variants have become a popular product for home décor. Scented candles are becoming part of households owing to their fragrance and the environment they create. This makes candles a part of the current trending products in India.

Pet supplies

Pets give us a feeling of comfort, warmth, and happiness. Nowadays, more and more people prefer to adopt pets. Different establishments have also turned pet-friendly to accommodate these needs. Based on the current trends, it can be projected that the pet care industry will grow further in the coming years.


In this concrete jungle, plants are the relief our eyes long for. Plants are a must-have if you want a nature-themed home décor. Not only do plants keep the home environment fresh, but they also work as a great décor element. Many people create gardens in their verandas. Whether original or artificial, plants are one of the most eye-warming décor items you can add to your house or office.

Cosmetics & skincare

Cosmetics and skincare products have become essential in our daily lives. From a basic face wash to high-end lipsticks, everything is covered under this category. It enhances the appeal as well as the target base of the consumers of cosmetics and skincare products.

Kitchen tools & wares

The kitchen is not only about knives and forks. Various appliances are buzzing in the market to make your cooking life simple and faster. The list includes vegetable choppers, air fryers, portable blenders, induction cooktops, and so on. Cooking is evolving as a passion, especially among youngsters, and these appliances help ease their tasks and make the process more effortless. 


Babies need the utmost care, especially during their initial years. The baby care industry has a lot to offer. More and more products are designed to ensure that your baby receives the best care. Every parent wants their baby to have strollers, diapers, toys, etc. It has led to a rise in the manufacture of items covered under this segment. 


How do I find trending products in India?

Google Trends is one of the best tools to find trending products in India to sell online. It examines the popularity of the searches across all the regions in India and provides you with a list of trending products in the Indian Market.

What products are in high demand in 2022?

The following products are high in demand in 2022:
Mobile phones
Wireless earbuds
Home Décor

What products are trending now?

All the products discussed above in this blog are among the most trending ones. They are also listed in the Amazon trending products in India.

What is the most popular thing to buy online?

While it entirely depends upon consumer preferences, mobile phones are among the top products that people buy online.

What are the most profitable products?

While profit margin varies according to the products, quantity also impacts profitability. The more the demand for the product, the more the profitability.