Non-profits or NGOs have goals and programs to help achieve them. To achieve your mission, you need to have a budget. And to accumulate a budget, you need a fundraising strategy. Fundraising strategies are concrete instructions, goals, and methods in a document for everyone to read. They are not vague concepts or ideas hidden away in your head. Your fundraising strategy may include several elements, some of which will be tried-and-tested techniques you use yearly.

Incentivize the Staff

Contrary to popular belief, rather than major NGO fundraisings, your staff actually does. Strong development teams can assist you in finding donors, joint venture opportunities, and supporters who share your goals. Why not compensate them, then?

For paying, the non-profit sector can be very divided. While universities and hospitals support incentives for the leading fundraisers, others believe offering incentives to employees is unethical. Depending on the size and leadership of your organisation, opposite conclusions will be drawn. Though higher education and the healthcare industry are leading in using incentive pay schemes, organisations in other non-profit sectors are also dabbling with them.

Explore Rebranding

Branding is often misrepresented. It is more than just appearance. Effective branding can evoke feelings and attract fans and donations. When your company has strong branding, people are inspired to take action just by seeing your logo. Try to build your brand such that it revolves around the NGO and what it stands for. This includes consistently using typefaces, logos, colours, and other design elements.

Make sure your current branding still reflects your message by giving it a close look. It’s crucial to update outdated content. You might think about doing this when you make significant website updates, edit your mission statement, or implement a new marketing plan.

Don’t Neglect Traditional Media

It’s easy to neglect older established advertising strategies like leaflets, direct mail, and newspaper ads when the organisation raises their daily digital media expenses.

When combined with digital initiatives, print media can be a powerful fundraising technique that will significantly boost your fundraising efforts. Focus on developing a multi-channel marketing plan that is well-rounded by using each technique to support your message.

Improve The Social Media Game

Social networks are great venues to find new donors and offer various websites to aid NGO fundraising. Each of these websites has distinctive features that let you spread your message in various ways.

Try to match the social network with that audience to your specific audience’s demographics. You will have a greater chance of generating engagement and conversions if you do this.

LinkedIn might be the best place to start if your target audience consists of well-read intellects that enjoy reading academic articles. One of the more recent networks, such as Instagram or Twitter, might be more suitable if your target audience is younger.

Strong Corporate Partnerships

While most of your fundraising efforts will probably come from individual donors, numerous non-profit cooperation prospects in the corporate and for-profit sectors can help you further and sustain your purpose. A successful corporate alliance benefits both parties and aids the sponsor in reaching their objectives.

Several businesses urge their staff to work with regional charities. Some allow volunteer teams to take time off or give money to a charity if their staff makes a specific effort on their behalf. Allow such corporate staff volunteers’ authority to distribute fliers, solicit gifts from co-workers, organise volunteer groups, or create peer-to-peer teams at the office.

Also, applying for corporate challenge grants will help your NGO’s fundraising plan. When a fundraiser receives a challenge grant, a corporate sponsor agrees to make a financial contribution after reaching a predetermined fundraising target, such as a set monetary amount or percentage of total funds raised.

Host Events

A major event consists of a single large event, including numerous minor ones. Consider conferences, concerts featuring several bands, or fairs with exhibits and activities. Consider collaborating with nearby companies, creatives, or famous people. Ensure you have a staff member or volunteer in each location to collect donations and assist you in managing the campaign.

While employing a single strategy might give you better outcomes, combining strategies can lead to more successful collections. 


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What are events ideal for fundraising?

Some ideal events for successful fundraising include: 
Talent Shows
Trivia Nights 
Spelling Bees
Bake Sales
Photo Contests
Craft Fairs
Sports Tournaments

What are some easy digital fundraising strategies?

Easy digital fundraising strategies include:
Online advertisements like Google Ads.
Social Media Challenges
Master Videos
Social Media Takeovers of businesses that support your mission
Social Media Influencers
Celebrities vocal of the same cause