As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to unfold, it has changed the way consumers behave and what they expect. However, one thing is clear: businesses, especially retailers, will have to settle into the new normal and make changes to cater to the changing behavior of their customers. It is imperative for them to look for cost-effective ways to run their businesses efficiently and start accepting payments digitally.   

Need of the Hour: Contactless Payments Acceptance via PayU ePOS

As people practice social distancing, they have started opting for digital modes for transactions such as UPI or QR, limiting the use of cash. The PayU ePOS will enable you to accept contactless payments via multiple modes. Therefore, whether your business is online or offline, big or small, you can accept customer payments easily with the PayU ePOS.  

We understand that during such an unprecedented crisis, every business owner is constantly looking for opportunities to increase sales, improve cash flow, and save some money.  This is where the role of a product like PayU ePOS comes into play.  

How can you Collect Payments Instantly using PayU ePOS?

There are two ways through which you can collect online payments via PayU ePOS: 

  1. Create Your unique QR, share it with your customers or let them scan and make instant payments 
  2. Create & share payment links with your customers via email, SMS, or WhatsApp and get paid in minutes. Your customers can pay you at ease from the comfort of their home 

Now, let’s have a look at some of the other benefits of using PayU ePOS.    

Why you Need PayU ePOS for your Business!

  1. 100% contactless, convenient, and secure for your in-store purchases and doorstep deliveries – These are all that your customers look for when they purchase your service or product. As mentioned above, as more and more people practice social distancing, PayU ePOS enables merchants to collect payments through multiple contactless modes. Also, many are often concerned about the security of their data. PayU is PCI-DSS compliant and your customer’s data is safe with us. Therefore, PayU EPOS will help you retain the trust of your customers    
  2. 100+ payment options – Today’s customer value convenience and with PayU ePOS, customers can pay the way they want. The online payment modes include Credit/Debit Cards, UPI, e-wallets and more 
  3. Offer EMI to your Customers- Another feature that can provide convenience to your customers is giving them the flexibility to pay over time. With PayU ePOS, you will be able to offer the option of paying via EMIs to your customers  
  4. Get money directly in your bank account – The payments made via ePOS will be directly transferred to your bank account, helping you save time and increase efficiency
  5. Powerful dashboard – You can track your business performance on-the-go and make smarter decisions
  6. Zero Setup Charges & No Annual Maintenance Charges – Unlike your physical POS machines which have fixed annual changes, PayU ePOS is totally free 

Use cases of PayU ePOS:

  1. Retailers – Whether you own a general store, electronic store, or any other retail outlet, you can provide your customer with seamless and contactless payment experience with PayU ePOS. You can share the QR code or payment links with your customers and they can make the payment via their preferred mode – all in a matter of seconds. Also, if you are offering delivery services, you can accept payments on your customers’ doorstep too
  2. Freelancers – Freelancing, these days, is a great way to earn big while working from the comfort of your home. However, unfortunately, freelancers often deal with the problem of late payments or even no payments. With PayU ePOS, you can collect payments easily. Creating PayU payment links does not require any technical knowledge or experience. You can do it in a few steps 
  3. Home Entrepreneurs – There has been a rise in home entrepreneurs in the last few years. You must have seen people selling their products/services on social media platforms or via WhatsApp groups. If you are too a home entrepreneur, you can use PayU ePOS to increase your sales. You can send payment links to your customers along with the product and they can click and proceed to pay if they like it
  4. Tutors/CAs – There are a lot of teachers who either take online classes or provide home tuitions. Similarly, there are CAs that provide services to people. They can easily collect payments through PayU ePOS by sharing payment links with their guardians/students and clients respectively


Whether your business is online or not, we know that a lot of energy is invested in getting customers to the point of payment. Therefore, we keep trying and innovating products to simplify the process of accepting payments for you! 

PayU ePOS can be invaluable for your business as you and your customers will be able to process transactions quickly and easily. Want to get started?