In this article, you will learn about PayU Dashboard functionalities. You can create payment links, transfer funds, install payment options, generate invoices, manage vendor and salary payouts and a lot more. You can track all your collections, returns, merchant activities and customised reports through a single analytics page.

It is crucial to offer a seamless payment mechanism to your customers as a business owner. A convenient, fast, easy-to-follow checkout process ensures a low bounce rate, higher conversions, and the propensity to return for a repeat purchase. PayU gives your customer a great payment experience with the best in industry payment success rate and a bouquet of available payment options simultaneously PayU dashboard gives you the best user experience.

Today, PayU enables 4.5 lakh+ businesses with payment solutions customized to their unique business needs. Netflix, Cred, OLA,, Redbus, Airbnb, BookMyShow are some of the domain leaders that partner with PayU for their payment solutions. Let us explore the PayU merchant dashboard in detail to assist you in setting up and managing seamless payment options for your customers.

The Dashboard

You can access the dashboard with your PayU dashboard login. On the main page, you will view your business summary with quick links to all the features like payment link, payment gateway, payout installation, and details.  

On the left sidebar of your PayU dashboard, you will find four main header links for quick access. These are: ‘Track’, ‘Collect Payments’, ‘Send Payments’ and ‘Analytics’. Let us see the functionality of each one. 

Collect Payments

For a business, customers are the most valuable asset. Offer a happy experience to your customers with a smooth payment experience and the best payment success rate.

Payment Gateway

‘Payment Gateway’ tab helps you to install payment options onto your business portal or app, and convert visitors into happy paying customers. Here, you can integrate payments in your app or website using java, PHP, Python, etc. The tab further gives you the necessary technical documentation to enable the functionality.

Integrate with Mobile App and accept payments in your Android or iOS app using PayU’s SDK. Integrate with the most popular and best e-commerce platforms and shopping carts. The integration process is one-time and straightforward. Its user-friendly, responsive design combined with best-in-class security protocols ensures compliance with current data security norms and peace of mind for the business. The 24×7 Support ensures immediate resolution for any urgent support requirements.

Payment Links

You can create and share payment links through this option on the PayU merchant dashboard. Your customers can pay using any online payment method, credit/debit card, net banking, UPI, or wallets. Payment links can be easily shared through popular apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, email, and other chat applications.


You can create simple and professional invoices for your customers so that they can make prompt online payments and the sale closure. There is no need to use a separate application for invoicing. These invoices can be shared through a channel most convenient to your customer. You can create customized invoices by adding clear and concise billing details. An automated GST calculation is inbuilt for a 100% tax compliant process.

Payment Button

Using this tab, you can design the payment buttons and customize the size, colour, and button type from this PayU dashboard menu option. The ease of the process helps you launch your products quickly with a single line of code copy-pasted on your site and offer payment options. Follow these simple steps to install PayU payment buttons:

Click on the ‘New Payment’ button. On the next page:

  • Add the text name for the button e.g. ‘Pay’, ‘Card’ etc.
  • Fill in the Item name.
  • Fill in the amount for the item.
  • Select the colour of the button from the menu and select the size.

The ‘Custom Details’ section allows you to add customer details required at checkout, e.g. name, address, contacts as per your requirement. You can add more fields here. You can preview the buttons before the final installation.

Split Payments

With this tab, you can split incoming payments to individual accounts securely and manage vendor payments with easy-to-integrate APIs.

E-commerce & Marketplaces

If you run a marketplace that brings buyers and sellers together on your platform, this tab helps you divide single payments amongst multiple sellers as per the payments terms.

Online Service Aggregators

An online aggregator’s business requires a simple mechanism to manage payment flows to the respective service provider. You can manage the routing of payments easily with this tab.

On-Demand Services

If you run a platform for service providers like taxi drivers, plumbers, etc., you can manage the entire payment process by supervising the payment dates, details, etc.

Send Payments

The ‘Send Payments’ section on PayU dashboard helps you to send payouts and direct money transfers to your partners, vendors, and employees. You can send payments to your phone/Email/bank account within seconds. With the PayU dashboard, you can quickly transfer your employee salaries in bulk every month with a single file upload. 

You can directly transfer immediate refunds to your customers into their bank accounts or credit cards.​ You can process all vendor payments in bulk.​

Domestic Money Transfer (DMT)

With DMT, you can instantly transfer money to any bank account, in line with DMT regulations, claim GST Settlements, manage DMT commissions and claim 100% GST.

To initiate DMT transfers, follow these simple steps:

  • Add money to your DMT account​
  • Add Sender and Beneficiary Details via API
  • Get Commission and GST Settlement

Track Your Transactions

The ‘Track’ section enables you to track the essential business metrics like transactions and settlements:

Transaction Overview

  • This tab gives you a snapshot of all transactions done in a period.
  • You can track the revenue, refunds, and payment success rate for total transactions for your business.
  • The transactions are listed date-wise, with the transaction ID, source and customer’s contacts.
  • You can apply filters to track particular transactions. This tabulated view makes it easier for you to keep track of all your transactions from a single page.

Settlement Overview

This section shows you the daily record of settled transactions as a consolidated figure and lists details of every settled transaction filtered for a date, UTR no, sales amount, etc.

  • You can download the monthly TDR Report for current or past months.
  • The ‘chargeback’ tab gives you details of any outstanding chargeback requests.

Analytics for Business Insights

The analytics page shows you a single-window overview of your business transactions, refunds, and settlements. You can keep a sharp eye on your business every day with simple, easy to filter analytics.


These reports will fetch your data for your transactions like payment, customer info, status.


These reports will show you settlements initiated, paused, and processed with details like service fees.


These reports will fetch you details of refunds initiated and their statuses through the cycle.

TDR Report

These are monthly invoices from PayU for service fees and tax.


These reports will show you payouts data like amount disbursed, beneficiary and status.


  • These reports will show you transactional data like the amount collected and the status of your payment buttons.
  • For each metric, you can generate and download a report by clicking on the ‘Generate Report’ tab.
  • You can select the date range for reports, filters on data required, and fields. The reports are available in CSV and XLS formats.


PayU dashboard is a one-stop solution for you to assemble, customize, manage and track all your customer payments from a single window. Make the PayU dashboard your business assistant to help you make quick decisions based on data and reports available at a click. To know more about the PayU dashboard, click here.