Do you think web development and building apps are rocket science? Definitely, not! But then, there is always a debate between programming languages like Java or PHP; which is better

It will always create two parties claiming the superiority of one programming language over the other. But the truth is, each language has its objective and nuts to crack. But there are logical explanations as to which language works well in which vertical. 

This article will give you a quick walkthrough of Java vs PHP and which of those has a bright future. Also, we will discuss the advantages of using Java over PHP.

What is Java?

Java is one of the most popular high-level programming languages developed by Sun Microsystems in 1995. James Gosling created this general-purpose programming language for building web applications, particularly on the server-side. Although, developers can also develop other types of applications. Java web applications are distributed in nature and can run through the internet. Java is secure, fast, and reliable. Therefore, companies widely use Java programming in mobile apps, data centres, game consoles, desktop applications, etc. 

But what about hard-core web applications that require server-side logic? Well, for this, we have PHP.

What is PHP?

PHP (abbreviated as Hypertext Preprocessor) is a server-side, open-source scripting language used in web development. Companies use it to develop both static & dynamic web pages or web applications. It leverages the Zend engine, which is the most prevalent execution. Rasmus Lerdorf created it in 1994 with all the essential programming features like strings, date and time, form handling, file handling, regular expression, object-oriented programming, etc.

PHP or Java: Which One is Best?

Choosing a backend web development language gives staggers and confusion to web developers. According to Markets and Markets, the global web development market is growing from 6.9 billion USD in 2021 to 14.3 billion USD by 2026. So, deciding to leverage a programming language based on the various factors play a significant role for programmers. Java or PHP often brings confusion as they cater to a broad range of features and strengths. Both languages are like Messi and Ronaldo of soccer. Mostly, developers choose programming languages based on the following factors –

  • Meets all the requirements, specifically at the enterprise level
  • Easy to learn or comprehend
  • Community strength, integration power, and updates available
  • A comprehensive set of framework, libraries, and IDE support
  • Stability and modern
  • Market or industry-demand

Let us now look at the different situations based on which programmers can decide to opt for the best option:

Java is a programming language.PHP is a scripting language.
Java solely works with the principles of object-oriented programming language.PHP renders the features of an object-oriented programming language as an option.
Java has a specific way of implementing the concept of threading.PHP does not provide the mechanism of implementing threading.
It is a strong and statically typed programming language.It is a weekly and dynamically typed programming language.
All the string literals in Java get denoted by double quotes.All the string literals in PHP get denoted by both single quotes and double quotes.
The web page loading scheme and technique through Java is slow and complicated compared to PHP.The web page loading scheme and technique through PHP is faster than Java.
Java gains popularity because it can help build better business logic through its features and dependencies.PHP gains popularity because it can help build page designing tools with easy integration.
Maintaining a Java-based application requires a good amount of cost.PHP costs are lower in terms of maintenance and support.
It has more sophisticated documentation and community support.It has less sophisticated documentation and moderate community support.
The stability forms after a project get rolled out.The stability resides at every stage of the project.
Java is more secure as compared to PHP.PHP is less secure and seeks the help of other integrations and frameworks for security purposes.
Well-known companies that use Java are Amazon, Uber, Infosys, LinkedIn, Airbnb, etc.Well-known companies that use PHP are Slack, Wikipedia, Tumblr, Facebook, Yahoo, etc.

Advantages of Using Java Over PHP

Until now, you have got a clear idea of whether to choose Java or PHP when developing applications. Let us now emphasize the advantages of using Java over PHP. PYPL (PopularitY of Programming Language Index) analyzes how often language aspirants and professionals search for tutorials and topics on Google. According to PYPL, Java is the most-searched programming language compared to PHP.

A few other advantages of using Java over PHP are:

  • Java performs better for large projects or applications that need a broader spectrum of integrations and functionalities. Whereas PHP serves better for smaller applications.
  • Since Java is well-documented, installing and testing artefacts seems easier in Java than in PHP. 
  • Java can interact with a wide range of hardware and devices, making the language versatile and superior to PHP.

Java vs PHP, which Has a Bright Future

Both are old programming languages and excellent foundations for different applications. So, discussing which one has a bright future, will be a tough nut to crack. Both have robust development and feature updates available. In the cut-throat competition, security characteristics & enterprise-grade features reside at the top priority. In this respect, Java wins the race.


The selection of a language depends on what you are developing, the budget, speed, complexity, size of the project, and various other factors, as highlighted in the difference table. If you want a small and fast application, go with PHP; otherwise, Java.


Why do we use PHP instead of Java?

When we want a small, fast web application development at a low cost, we can choose PHP over Java.

Is PHP good for website development?

Yes, PHP is good for website development.

Which is more secure, Java or PHP?

Java is more secure as compared to PHP.

Which is more accessible, Java or PHP?

Both are easy to learn. But PHP is slightly more beginner-friendly.