Shopify Payments makes online transactions hassle-free. They are ideal for businesses looking to go digital. Simply put, Shopify empowers your business to improve its customer experience

Making online payments has never been made simpler with the advent of payment gateways like Shopify Payments. With the massive growth of e-commerce in India, the payment service has come up with ideal solutions for both small and large businesses willing to take their brand online. 

What started over ten years ago as a means to sell snowboards online, Shopify is today a leading e-commerce platform which claims a market share of 20% and helps you build both your online and offline store along with taking care of all payments-related setups. Be it selling on social media, in-store, or out of the basement of your home, Shopify has got you covered.

But, like many individuals, you may have several queries regarding Shopify and its offerings. Well, fear not. We have compiled all you would need to know about Shopify Payments in India in this blog. Let us explore all its aspects one by one.

First Off, How To Get Going With Shopify?

As a business looking to thrive, nothing beats a seamless payment experience for your customers. Opting for Shopify as your go-to e-commerce platform, allows your business to leverage Shopify Payments or integrate third-party payment vendors supported via Shopify. Essentially, this empowers your business by giving it the freedom to go for a payment gateway best suited to your needs and proceed to move your business to any given digital platform. 

For reference, you may click here to get details pertaining to available third-party payment vendors. In order to successfully incorporate a vendor of your choice onto the Shopify website, various plugins developed by these payment processors would need to be integrated into the Shopify API

Shopify Payment Support In India

In India, your business can accept payments through the following payment sources:

  • Credit cards
  • Net banking
  • Debit cards
  • UPI
  • Online wallets
  • Transfer via bank
  • COD or Cash on delivery

Shopify Payments India further supports EMI & BNPL payment options. Having these options at the disposal of your customers ensures they go for expensive purchases without any hassles. This is especially relevant for large purchases such as electronics and important household items.

Steps To Follow For Successful Shopify Payments Integration

You can follow the below-mentioned steps for successful incorporation of the different online payment methods which you wish to integrate into your Shopify store –

  • Open your Shopify partner account.
  • Navigate to the ‘Settings’ option where a drop-down appears.
  • Click on ‘Payment Providers’.
  • Choose the vendor of your choice. You may do so from the list provided.
  • Post this, you can proceed to fill out the form that appears on your screen.
  • Check the information that you have filled out, and proceed to click ‘Activate’.

Shopify Payment Gateway Pricing

Having covered points associated with usage and vendor integration, the next consideration you must make is that of pricing. Various payment options available in the market differ in the features they provide. Consequently, they differ in their pricing. Hence, for a thriving business, it would be advantageous to compare and contrast the different aspects offered by different POS payment options & their respective price points. The main constituents of the price charged by Shopify Payments are:

  • A one-time setup charge for the payment gateway
  • A maintenance cost that is charged on an annual basis
  • Upon successfully integrating a payment gateway of your choice into your online business, integration charges get levied.
  • A rate of 1-3% is typically charged to merchants for processing debit or credit card transactions.

An important consideration when looking to integrate these payment platforms into your Shopify website is that both Shopify platform charges, as well as payment gateway charges, are charged separately. Given that payment platforms offer different features, it would be important to choose the one best suited to your requirements. It is advisable to stay away from free online payment platforms in the interest of your business.


With the transition towards cashless payments and e-commerce, online transactions are here to stay. For a business looking to cater to customers all across the country, e-commerce provides great promise. However, as a business owner, it would be prudent of you to do your research with the intent of minimising costs and maximising revenue. With solutions such as Shopify Payments available in the market, leveraging the convenience it provides will aid your business in transitioning to the next level. 

Although it may be tough to select a specific Payment gateway for your e-commerce store, especially if you are running a startup, small business, or managing a brand. However, the sky is the limit with what you can sell on Shopify. Hopefully, this article helps you fine-tune online payment solutions for your online businesses through Shopify Payments

So now that you’ve learned about Shopify and what it has to offer, it is time to set up and start selling with the best payment solution provider i.e. PayU

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an online commerce platform built to empower businesses of all sizes. Features available on Shopify enable businesses to go digital. That is, it allows you to sell your product on the web, mobile, social media, and other marketplaces. This is achieved by providing a seamless customer experience along with a number of payment options for digital transactions.

How does Shopify Payments work? How do I install it?

Since Shopify is a cloud-based application, you and your business need not worry about installation, maintenance, or upgrading the software involved. This allows your business the flexibility to thrive anywhere, given a strong internet connection.

Does Shopify Payment provide a free trial?

For businesses looking to create a digital presence, Shopify Payments provides a free 14-day trial without the requirement of a credit card. Post the expiration of your trial, you will have to transition to a pricing plan that best suits your needs, depending on the customers you would like to cater to. For more information on the pricing, click here.

Would I need tech support to leverage Shopify?

You can use Shopify for your business with just a few clicks. Shopify Payments offer a comprehensive solution and thus you do not need any specific designer or technical developer. Shopify Payments also provides you with the option to customise the look and feel of the payment portal. Additionally, Shopify has a dedicated support team to which you can reach out for any assistance.

What do you mean by a merchant account?

A merchant account refers to an account where your money is deposited after the transactions are done by your customers. The amount in the merchant account is made available after payments have been processed and authorised.

What should I do if Shopify Payments is not available in my country?

In case Shopify Payments is not available in your country, then also, you need not worry. You can get the payment services offered by Shopify Payments via a payment gateway of your choice. The e-commerce portal has tie-ups with more than 100 payment providers all over the world.