Reserve Bank of India- Integrated  Ombudsman Scheme, 2021

Salient Features
Reserve Bank of India (‘RBI”) has issued the integrated Ombudsman Scheme, 2021 on 12 November, 2021 (“Integrated Scheme”). The Integrated Scheme integrates the existing three Ombudsman schemes of RBI: (i) the Banking Ombudsman Scheme, 2006; (ii) the Ombudsman Scheme for Non-Banking Financial Companies, 2018; and (iii) the Ombudsman Scheme for Digital Transactions, 2019. The Integrated Scheme provides for a Centralised Receipt and Processing Centre set up by RBI in Chandigarh for receipt and initial processing of customer complaints.

  • How can a customer file a complaint?

    Any customer may file a complaint under the Integrated Scheme about an act or omission of a Regulated Entity that has resulted in a deficiency in service. Such complaint may be filed either personally or through an authorized representative as provided in the Integrated Scheme.

    “Deficiency in service” means a shortcoming or an inadequacy in any financial service, which the Regulated Entity is required to provide statutorily or otherwise, which may or may not result in financial loss or damage to the customer.

  • Grounds for non-maintainability of a Complaint

    No complaint under the Integrated Scheme for deficiency in service shall lie where the matters involve:

    (i) commercial judgment/commercial decision of a Regulated Entity;

    (ii) a dispute between a vendor and a Regulated Entity relating to an outsourcing contract;

    (iii) a grievance not addressed to the Ombudsman directly;

    (iv) general grievances against Management or Executives of a Regulated Entity;

    (v) a dispute in which action is initiated by a Regulated Entity in compliance with the orders of a statutory or law enforcing authority;

    (vi) a service not within the regulatory purview of the Reserve Bank;

    (vii) a dispute between Regulated Entities; and

    (viii) a dispute involving the employee-employer relationship of a Regulated Entity

    Written representation to concerned Regulated Entity >> At the end of one month>> Written representation to concerned Regulated Entity or if the customer remains dissatisfied with the reply received from the Regulated Entity >> If customer has not approached any forum >> File a complaint with RBI Ombudsman, no later than one year after the reply from the Regulated Entity or within 30 days of complaint where no reply is received from the Regulated Entity.

    Name and contact details of Principal Nodal Officer

    Name : Mr. Naveen Bhagwat

    Telephone : 0124-6786200

    E-mail ID :

    Complaint lodgement portal of the Ombudsman:

    Contact details of the Centralised Receipt and Processing Centre (CRPC)

    Email ID :

    Address : Centralised Receipt and Processing Centre, Reserve Bank of India, 4th Floor, Sector 17, Chandigarh-160017

  • How does the Ombudsman take a decision?

    Proceedings before the Ombudsman are summary in nature and promotes settlement through conciliation. If settlement is not reached, the Ombudsman can issue an Award/Order.

  • Can a customer appeal if not satisfied with the decision of the Ombudsman?
    Yes, the customer can contact the Appellate Authority that is the Executive Director in charge of the Department of RBI administering the Integrated Scheme.

    Notes: The Integrated Scheme provides for an Alternate Dispute Resolution mechanism. The customer is at liberty to approach any other court/forum/authority for the redressal at any stage.

    Please refer to for further details of the Integrated Scheme.