In our recent conversation with Midhula Devabhaktuni on MSME Day, we got a sneak peek into the story of a Made in India brand, Mivi. Mivi made its way into the audio electronics industry, leading it to become the only Indian brand manufacturing in India. Read on to find out more about their journey.

Mivi is an audio electronics brand that started in 2016. The origin of the name Mivi comes from the names of Co-founders, Midhula Devabhaktuni and Viswanadh Kandula. Mivi is a D2C brand & that makes products with customer preferences by manufacturing and designing all products in India. They have more than 850 plus members on their team.

How Did Mivi Begin Its Journey?

Mivi started as an electronics brand. There were no technicians. They started with developing an Id team, then a design team, tech team taking a step forward one by one. In 2020, they started their manufacturing unit in Hyderabad. They were the first & the only brand to begin manufacturing in India. Hence finding a workforce that has experience wasn’t possible.

How Was Working with the Indian Workforce for Mivi?

At Mivi, they ensured that every employee has to be an Indian. It’s a core principle that they wanted to do something for India & this was their chance to do it. On being asked what the experience was like, Midhula said, “It was worth it”. Adding to this, she said, “It’s a very open environment; everyone is Indian, focused & driven”.

They started with a single line & 70 people in December 2020 & that’s when we launched their first product. They had eight lines and about 700 people within the next ten months. By the end of this year, they’ll have 1300 people on their team. It was a step-by-step journey. They figured out the entire process and took the leap of faith.

Here’s where Midhula talked about learning for every entrepreneur. She said, “It’s important for every entrepreneur to take the leap of faith because you are just starting it. Else the hustle in the process increases.”

How has the Customer Response Been for Mivi?

They launched their first Made in India product on 16th December & they manufactured units for a month. As “Made in India” is a very strong sentiment, they were able to give a better-quality product at better pricing & that’s what any customer looks for. Since then, their customers have a stronger relationship & bonding with the brand now. They truly support Made in India initiative.

What Makes Mivi a Unique Indian Brand?

Every country is different & so is India. India has unique tastes, preferences & environmental conditions. When it comes to electronics, devices sold in India are not made for Indians. Indians love bass and thrive on bass. In India, we get products based on the West’s preferences. & here’s where Mivi came in. They make a product first by figuring out what their audience needs, even environmental conditions. For example, a waterproof rating makes it dustproof & dust spoils electronics quickly. This makes Mivi different than the rest.

Midhula’s Advice to Budding Entrepreneurs

Here are the most significant learnings from Midhula for those starting their business journey:

  • Don’t plan for where you are today but plan to where you want to get in tomorrow. It slows down your growth.
  • There is no right time. Take a leap of faith.
  • Today is the best time because you don’t have to risk everything to start a business

Check out this video to know more about their conversation.