We’ve been waiting for a long time to share our happiness with you! PayUmoney, India’s best payment gateway, just got revamped. Right from onboarding to checkouts, we have put our best heads forward to enhance PayUmoney. We have also introduced an absolutely unique feature only for you- Test Mode. Let’s walk you through this power pact transformation.  

Introducing PayUmoney Payment Gateway: Test Mode 

We understand time is a constraint these days. But without trying a product how will you use it confidently? Thus to facilitate the best services to you, we have introduced the Test Mode. Once you login to your PayUmoney account, turn on the “Test Mode”. The dashboard is all yours and you are absolutely free to test all features available to you – Checkout options, PayUmoney payments button, Creating invoices and other powerful features.  In the test mode, you actually get to experience the checkout from your customer’s perspective. You can choose between two different types of checkout options – Redirect & Bolt.  

Read PayUmoney’s Test Mode to know more.  


Why wait for hours when you can get started in just 5 mins? Create your own account on PayUmoney with minimal requirements and start receiving payments along with exploring the payment gateway to the fullest. There’s one classic feature benefit we’d like to highlight here:  

Online Documentation

Gone are those days when you had to fill, sign and courier all the required documents to us. Now we are going 100% online! To make the onboarding process seamless, we have introduced online documentation instead of processing hard-copies on our payment gateway. So now, simply breeze through the processes and focus more on growing your business.    


It’s not only the colors, logo or the fonts we have transformed. Your PayUmoney dashboard has been thoughtfully designed to make you as independent as possible. Now keep 100% track of all your transactions – sent, received and refunded directly from your dashboard.   

Auto release

Yes! Now you can initiate successful refunds directly from your dashboard.  We have activated refunds for all our PayUmoney accounts.

We do not shy away from acknowledging ourselves for providing all our users with the best payment gateway service in India. So here’s an additional feather of ease we’ve added to our payment gateway: 

Nitro Flow

It reduces the number of steps required to complete the purchase for your customers, thereby lowering drop-offs and improving conversions for you! Our internal metrics show that when customers see Saved Cards or have multiple options like Wallet at the payment gateway checkout page, the success rate improves by as much as 15%. Here are the benefits for you: 

  • Fewer steps for initiating faster transactions  
  • Your customers can pay via saved cards and wallets  
  • Lower drop-offs for better transaction success rates  

Know more about PayUmoney’s Nitro Flow system.


Now you can go live faster and customize the interface without much effort on our payment gateway! Take a look at the benefits listed down for you: 

  • Plug n Play interface: It offers a native built-in payment experience, you don’t have to spend time on designing a new interface  
  • Customize the look & feel: The design allows customizing some aspects of the interface such as Title, Fonts, and Color of checkout page 
  • Simpler Integration: Make it easy to integrate with a complete code revamp 

Best Success Rate

Our payment gateway is badged with 12% higher transaction success rate, which is the best in the industry so far. Benefits for you:  

  • You are not required to login 
  • Your customers can pay via saved cards and wallets 


With PayUmoney invoicing solution, merchants can create, send, search and manage payment links with their customers. This can be done by:  

  • Web – PayUmoney and PayUnow dashboard; Login to the Dashboard; create and share payment links 
  • API – Integrating the Invoicing APIs directly with merchant’s system  
  • App – PayUnow: Download PayUnow App from play store; create and share payment request  

Invoices can be sent to customers via Web, APIs, App – PayUnow. We have also introduced the classic MS Excel Plugin to our invoicing feature. This plugin will help you to create and manage bulk invoices for your customers. Thus saving ample to time and efforts! Benefits for you:  

  • Now you don’t have to repeatedly login or integrate APIs to send bulk invoices via email or SMS or both.   
  • The plugin saves time as it reduces your error-rate of data entry, no salt & key required  
  • You can check invoice status – paid, unpaid and expired in the excel itself. 

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