Email marketing is used to generate a high return on investment. It is an economic & easy to share form of marketing that makes an instant impact. This blog will tell you everything about email marketing & how you can use it to stand out.

Emails started 30 years ago. The first & the present-day emails are no different. They look the same. The hyperlinks on mail have made it a tedious task for users to complete the action. It is no more of a roadblock with tools like Mailmodo. It is a no-code platform for marketers and e-commerce business owners that helps create a website experience within the email. Such tools can help in increasing the conversion rate. The main focus is to minimize user steps to increase conversion.  

Read along to know the key metrics, email etiquettes & challenges in email marketing by Aquibur Rahman, Founder, Mailmodo (YC S21 & Sequoia Surge). Here’s what we’ll be discussing about email marketing.

1.What are Key Metrics in Email Marketing?
2.How to Drive Conversion & Brand Engagement Using Email Marketing?
3.Email Etiquettes to Improve Business
4.How to Ensure Less Email Bounce Rate?
5.What are Challenges in Email Marketing?
6.Common Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
7.What Would be Your Advice to Every Budding Entrepreneur?

What are Key Metrics in Email Marketing?

Two Key metrics in Email Marketing are open rates & end conversion rate.

  • Open rates are now tracked less. They can be improved by giving a good subject line.
  • End conversion rate is used to determine revenue from users and engagement.

Never stop at just open rates. Email sending & managing emails involve a lot of technical things. Some other important email metrics are Domain reputation, IP reputation & DNS records.

  • Setup google postmaster to get data from your email recipients, domain & IP reputation.
  • DNS records consist of SBK, DKIM & DMARC records. It proofs your email from getting hacked or your domain controlled by someone else.

How to Drive Conversion & Brand Engagement Using Email Marketing?

Engagement of users & their acquisition are the two most crucial parts of marketing. Users are not in your control. You can build a relationship with your users using their emails. This helps you create a journey with your users. You do not have to pay anybody else to talk to your customers.

Email marketing has a high ROI. To drive conversion & brand engagement, focus on segmenting your user base & making emails more usable, actionable & relevant. Take care that you do not spam your user base & only send them what’s relevant.

The important points to consider for Email Marketing: 

  • Check the engagement of users with your emails historically. A user unsubscribing your emails is considering you as a spammer & this reduces the open rates.  
  • Email marketing works like social media. If you get more users, your reach will increase as well.  
  • Take care of your domain & IP reputation. If your domain has a bad reputation, your emails are likely to go spam/promotion folder. 
  • Your reach will reduce if your email’s content. Making better content will help you get a better open rate. 
  • Content should be matching in subject line & body.  
  • Fulfill the promises you make. If it’s useful, user will expect mails from you.   

Email Etiquettes to Improve Business

Here are a few practices to improve email etiquettes:

  • Be conversational and friendly in your email.
  • Share your achievements & failures with your users. This builds trust & engagement.
  • Segment your audience well depending on their needs.
  • Remove users from your email who haven’t been engaging with your emails. Refrain from sending them emails as they may not open it again.
  • Be more consistent.
  • Build your domain or IP reputation or IP by sending small volumes of emails every day. This builds the reputation in eyes of your email clients that you haven’t been spamming or sending a cold email to your users.
  • Collect feedback using emails by adding survey forms.
  • Use tools like Freshdesk & Front for customer support.

How to Ensure Less Email Bounce Rate?

To make sure there’s a lesser email bounce rate,

  • Try getting organic users this will reduce your bounce rate.
  • Avoid sending emails to the publicly available lists.
  • Ask users for their email ids everytime they attend your events.
  • Verify your email list by using tools like Neverbounce and Kickbox.

What are Challenges in Email Marketing?

People start email marketing without having experience & send a huge number of emails without any domain reputation. To get better visibility on what’s working & what’s not, follow best practices. Try experimenting with different formats of content & subject lines.

Email doesn’t give the flexibility to add different kinds of content. You can make it actionable using tools like Mailmodo.

Common Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Do not send the same email to all users like a shot. Emails sent to a large user base without any historical data get classified as spam. Do an email domain warmup. Start by sending emails to very small numbers. An increase in user’s positive engagement will gradually help your emails reach their primary folders of Gmail or Outlook.

What Would be Your Advice to Every Budding Entrepreneur?

Here are a few suggestions by Aquibur for getting started as an entrepreneur: 

  • Just start, don’t plan too much.  
  • Build a good team of passionate & talented people. 
  • Keep going irrespective of your doubts or fears.  
  • If you believe in something, keep trying to make it better. 

Check out this video to know more about email marketing.  

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