Lead generation is the key to increasing sales in any business. There are several platforms on which people connect and interact with your brand – social media, website, events, etc. However, the easiest and effective one for converting a web visitor into a potential customer is through your website.

Place web forms on your website to grab hold of the attention of your site visitors. Web forms are used to capture important information of a new visitor on your web page or website. They will give you information about who visited it and took action. By action we mean, signing up on your website, subscribing for your newsletter, providing you feedback, etc. Also, you can use the data provided by your customers for future references/events or connect with them.

Having a good and attractive form on your website may help you attract your customers and convert them into leads. Below are some different lead generation forms that you can use on your website!


Best Web Forms for Lead Generation

1.Sign Up Forms

A sign up form should be simple and should ask for as less information as possible. According to data, multi-step forms convert 86% higher.

At PayU, we keep it minimalistic with our multi-step lead generation form. However, instead of “Sign Up”, we thought of using words that best describe what a user is about to do. When someone clicks on “Create Account”, they are asked to enter their email ID. After they do that, they are taken to the next landing page wherein they are asked to fill a few more necessary fields such as their Name and Phone Number.

We made sure that our sign up form matches our brand’s aesthetic of being the most secure payment gateway and included a one-step verification process with an OTP being sent to user’s registered mobile number.

2.Contact Us/Support Forms

This is the most important web form for your customers! Therefore, make sure it is easy to find on your website. It should be prominently placed. While we would suggest having a short form and provide your email ID for further assistance, another way to do it is by having a “chat” with your customer.

We have “PayU help center” platform wherein our site visitors can “chat with PayU Buddy” and find answers to their queries. It is a simple yet interactive platform where users can raise concerns, get answers and also track their queries. It starts by clicking on the CTA asking if you are a PayU merchant or not.

3. Pop Ups

Pop Up forms are one of the best ways of boosting conversions. Make sure that the content on the pop-up form is clear enough to tell the site visitor what to do and why! A pop up can be of anything from providing a free e-book to information on the latest updates.

Have a look at the pop-up PayU site visitors receive as soon as they login into our dashboard:

First, the pop up starts with “Introducing New Help Portal” which gives our site visitors a reason to respond because it is something that might help them.

Second, the form does not require the user to enter any information about them. There is a bright orange CTA that we have placed right at the center of our pop up that will take them to our landing page.

4. Free Trials/Download Forms

According to data, 62% of companies get 10% or more of their business from free trials. Having an interactive free trial or download form can drive your site visitors to your website and convert them into leads. Place your free trial/download offers between your blogs or on your website prominently. Free trial forms are a great incentive for people to sign up!

The secret is to give them something they can’t resist! Something that helps them to grow their business. For instance, PayU offers a free download of its ebooks with just a few simple steps of entering the name, phone, and email id.

Also, we have placed the link of this ebook free trial landing page in between relevant blogs, to increase the leads from ebook downloads.


5. Feedback Forms

It is super essential to know if your customers are happy and satisfied! A research found that only 1 out of 26 unhappy customers complain and the rest just leave. Therefore, providing a feedback form to your customers after they take an action on your website is key to having happy customers.

There are many benefits of taking feedback from your customers:

  1. Prevent negative bad-mouthing about your brand
  2. Know what customers want and develop products/services accordingly
  3. Eliminate issues or problems in the initial phase

The feedback forms can be in the form of a pop-up or a button on the website. They can be interactive and fun with emoticons.



Generating leads is not a cakewalk! And as we mentioned above, adding these forms on your website could help you increase it.

At PayU, we use web forms for sign-ups and collecting data on who visits our site regularly. We constantly try to improve our web forms with different designs and techniques.

We suggest you incorporate all these forms on your website or other online portals to skyrocket your leads. Once you have generated a lead, you would want them to have a seamless experience while purchasing something from your website. You can provide a seamless checkout experience by integrating PayUmoney payment solutions on your website. For more details,