Our aim at PayU has always been to help businesses get online and transact digitally. And onboarding, risk evaluation and underwriting are 3 major steps for a business to start processing online payments. Earlier, getting through all these steps required a lot of hard-work with manual documentation, checks etc. Today, it gives us immense pleasure to introduce the quickest and easiest way to “Get onboard and start collecting payments in a day with PayU!” 

We are glad to share that PayU now offers automated merchant underwriting and risk evaluation, along with real-time onboarding – which it had offered since inception! While the industry average for end-to-end onboarding process – including activation, KYC validation, risk evaluation and settlement – is 10-15 days, the average time for PayU merchants has now come down to just 1 day!  

As pioneers in the industry, PayU is the first to introduce these unique offerings for merchants. With our advanced and cutting-edge machine learning techniques and AI-powered algorithms, merchants can now start collecting payments even faster! These technological advancements have improved speed of document processing and risk checks, based on our experience of underwriting over 3.5 lakh merchants.  

Also, since the underwriting and risk evaluation process is more accurate, it will help in minimizing business losses and cash flow problems commonly faced by merchants.  

Let’s Understand these Features 

Risk Evaluation: It is vetting merchants on compliance and credibility. For instance, whether the line of business that the merchant operates in is legal or not, what is the financial health of the merchant, is the merchant equipped to serve customers, and other parameters. 

Merchant Underwriting: It is one of the most challenging and complex tasks during onboarding. PayU leverages machine learning-based algorithms to underwrite merchants in real time. This is the result of our learnings and experience from underwriting more than 3.5 lakh merchants. 

Automated Onboarding: We have simplified and digitized a process which is full of hassles and very time consuming, significantly increasing merchant convenience.

Key features of Automated Onboarding: 

  • No Physical Documentation and Digitized Process: Ensures that the business owner can go through verification process without leaving the comfort of her/his house! 
  • Best in Class OCR Recognition: Minimizes delay and errors in processing documents   
  • OTP-based Bank Verification and Streamlined Documentation (for certain categories of businesses) 
  • Reduction of Human Error: Minimal human intervention as machine learning systems perform fraud detection and other security checks  

Look What our Customer Has to Say! 

“Our hotel is located opposite Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, far from a city. For a business like ours, we would have had to do a lot of back and forth to complete KYC compliances. But with the help of PayU’s automated onboarding process, all these hassles were taken care of, allowing us to save time and effort. Now-a-days, it’s extremely important for a hotel to accept online payments, for which a merchant account is required. We were unsure about the process, but PayU has helped us in registering our business as a credible entity through their merchant underwriting and risk evaluation process. PayU helped us to receive all payments from customers quickly and helped our business operations to run effectively and efficiently. It also helped us to make payments conveniently to our vendors and avoid delays of bank transfers, which is a key factor in running a hotel business. We thank PayU for making this experience so convenient,” said Mr. Jaisal Faujdar, Managing Director, Swaraj Hotel


Whether you have a cloth business or are in the travel industry, providing seamless checkout experience to customers is paramount to the growth of any business. At PayU, we leave no stone unturned to make sure that we provide the best online payment solutions to our merchants as well customers. 

PayU, India’s best payment gateway, is an all-in-one payment solution! To enjoy the best payment gateway experience and grow your business effortlessly,