Strategies for acquiring users are changing constantly, but what remains constant is the need to keep your customers engaged. Increased emphasis on personalization and real-time interaction has fueled customer engagement to a new level. As marketing evolves to meet the changing demands of a more complex digital space, keeping a human interaction becomes difficult.

Consumers today want a seamless experience with the brands they interact, therefore as a business owner, you should be ever ready to provide an interruption-free service to your consumers. While traditional customer service is always the first logical step to keep customer engagement, yet you can use countless other ways to leverage interaction.

When you are in business, it’s always recommended to have a personal touch with your consumers. Whether it be a mobile notification, an email or a response through social channels, customer engagements now have many ways. By engaging consumers with consistent communication throughout the customer experience, you have an opportunity to engage with your audience like never before.

Consider the below-mentioned tips to plan your next activity to boost your customer engagements:

Welcome Your Customers

The first and the foremost thing you should do as an online business owner is to welcome your customers promptly. As soon a user signs up for the newsletter or makes a purchase, simply send them a welcome email and a welcome SMS. This is an awesome way to begin a relationship with your customers. Include an added benefit fueled with a Call-to-Action button to further boost this engagement.

By sharing important information through SMS or emails, you invite customers to your landing page. As a result, they are more inclined to visit your website. Putting a human name behind a sender email humanizes your engagement with the customers you are interacting.

Convey Value Propositions

Customer’s inbox is flooded with emails, therefore in order to stand out and make them actually read your email, use persuasive subject lines in mailer communication. Draw value into your subject lines and help people understand what’s worth their time. Include value propositions as people are more likely to open, read and click through your email if they perceive value.

“Before you start any form of communication, always assess what’ll resonate with your audience”

Frequency Illusions

One of the best ways to engage with your customers is to leverage them with frequency illusions. The idea behind frequency illusion is that, when someone encounters a brand, they suddenly begin to see it everywhere.

Brands that creatively leverage frequency illusion make a good engagement with consumers that are new to their brand. You can use re-marketing, Google display, and social media adverts to increase the frequency of illusions you create in the minds of consumers.

Engage & Try To Resolve

Ensure that your consumers are never left alone when they need your attention. Value your consumers above all and prevent them from walking out of your brand. If a customer gives negative feedback about your brand, then don’t ignore the feedback. Listen to, validate their concerns and then take the necessary steps to address their issues. In the process of addressing their concern, you grow closer.

“Always remember the worst interaction is no interaction”

Guide Consumers Without Charging

Getting in front of your customers and prospect audience is a powerful dynamic. Sharing insightful information and helping your audience to grow always attracts new customers while withholding the existing base. For example, here at, we have created a free knowledge platform for our merchants where we help them to grow their online business.

Always remember that customer engagement is all about communicating with your target audience and ensuring that you care about their queries, their time and their interests. Use your brand presence across channels to attract and retain your consumers. Also, read our blog on “how to use programmatic buying as a lead generation channel”.