In a conventional card payment journey, the user gets redirected to the bank’s 3ds page to enter the OTP. This journey is more prone to drops as it has multiple redirects. PayU has built Native OTP Assist SDK to collect OTP on the merchant page to solve this problem. No re-directs. This SDK improves customer experience and has higher success rates. The overall card transactions have seen an improvement of 10% compared to conventional card transactions.

What Can You Do with the OTP Assist?

Here’s how Native OTP Assist improves customer experience on your mobile app.

In-App and Seamless Experience

In the age of online payment, your customer expects seamless transactions with minimum user interaction. With this SDK, you can allow your application to read and submit the OTP automatically.

The customer can complete the transaction on the merchant’s page. There are many UI customization options to match your app’s theme.

Native OTP Assist –
Reading OTP
Native Assist OTP –
OTP Submission

Review and Submit Manually

If the user prefers to submit the OTP manually, the SDK will automatically allow the app to read and display it on the screen. The OTP can be reviewed and submitted manually.

Native OTP Assist –
OTP Review & Manual Submission

Supported by Top Banks and Cards Providers

We have already added top banks and card providers for card payments, and it is growing every day. To get more details about the supported list, please reach out to the mobile integration team at

Everything You Need to Get Started

Head over to our developer docs – Android iOS and integrate Native OTP Assist SDK now!

Additionally, you can look at a variety of payments SDKs that PayU offers for a seamless payments experience – Android, iOS, and React Native.

For any integration-related support, please reach out to your key account manager or write to us at