Consumer engagement is the most pressing issue as it underscores the entire growth journey of a scale-up. It is important that growing brands have the right insights to inform their consumer engagement strategies. Let’s find out more from the master of customer engagement, Anand Jain, Co-founder and product head, CleverTap.

CleverTap is the number one customer retention platform trusted by over 10,000 global brands. It is a comprehensive platform that will help you, find out behavioral analytics and boost engagement across various touchpoints.

Here’s what we’ll find out.  

1.How should Startups Leverage Customer Behavior and Analytics?
2.How can Brands Boost Engagement with Touchpoints Available?
3.How can Smart Segmentation Help the Payment Processors Maximize Transactions and Optimize ROI on Marketing Spends?
4.How can Data be Connected in a Meaningful Way to Personalize Messages?

How should Startups Leverage Customer Behavior and Analytics?

If you use data right, it can do wonders. The foundation of leveraging customer behavior has to be high fidelity data. As Anand Jain quotes in the episode,” Data is the new oil”. The two things that a startup needs to leverage customer behavior and analytics are:

User Data

You need to collect every user’s data using platforms like CleverTap. They’ll help you track new users, old users, and the amount of time spent by users on your platform. Platforms like CleverTap help bubble up the insights like user behavior after the data is collected.

Audience Segmentation

You can segment your audience using a plethora of automated segmentation like RFM (Recency, Frequency & Monetary value). Depending on the segment, you can run automation. This automation will help you change the user experience. It’s a cycle that completes with every user interaction and is data-driven.

Becoming data-driven will reward you in long run. You’ll know the channels that work for you and the right segment you want to target. 

How can Brands Boost Engagement with Touchpoints Available? 

You need to plot where your users are and how are they consuming your services. A user does not pay heed to the form factor they use. You can use this data to make their experience effective by plotting their journey. Make a holistic picture by doing the intervention with automation. These are referred to as journeys. You can create a user journey with a set of nudges. Using predictions from platforms like CleverTap will help you work backward to target that audience.

How can Smart Segmentation Help the Payment Processors Maximize Transactions and Optimize ROI on Marketing Spends?

Segmentation is the heart of everything that’s data-driven. There are several ways to divide users by RFM model as they are loyal people. You can do intent-based segmentation or prediction-based segmentation with the amount of data you have.

You can send nudges and interventions to the users to use multiple engagement channels like WhatsApp, push notifications, SMS, and emails. Check their efficacy and understand which channel works for which type of user.

This helps you intervene at the right time to the right person using the right channel through the right medium without pestering them.

How Data can be Connected in Meaningful Way to Personalize Messages?

You can do a lot depending upon the data that originates from various touchpoints. This external data will help you send the right message to the right user. It helps you customize the same message and personalize it in different ways. It narrows down to the likelihood of customers buying products they want.

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