Grow your Business on Shopify with PayU

Get Exclusive Pricing Discounted pricing for Shopify merchants, starting at 0.40% per transaction
Get Transaction Charges Waiver Zero transaction fees on transaction value up to ₹5 lacs for new PayU merchants on Shopify
Send Bulk Payments at ₹0 Fees Pay your vendors & employees, disburse winnings & initiate instant refunds in Bulk at zero transaction fees for first month
Try Shopify free for 14 days Try Shopify for free, and explore all the tools and services you need to start, run, and grow your business
Accept International Payment PayU enables you to accept payments in 100+ currencies across the world
Get Same Day Settlements Get money in your bank account the same day and improve your cash flow
Collect Payment via Subscription pages Accept recurring payments automatically with our subscription platform
Offer EMI Option to Customers Increase your cart value by giving your customers an option to make payment through EMIs

One Payment Gateway for all your business needs

  • Go live in 2 minutes
  • Plug & Play Integration
  • Best Success Rate
  • Supports All Devices
  • 24x7 Integration Support
  • No Setup or
    Maintenance Fee

100+ Payment Options for Your Customers

Choose a payment option

Pay ₹ 16,667
  • HDFC Debit Card **** 4825
  • HDFC Credit Card **** 5776
  • Amex Business Card **** 21001

Choose a payment option

Pay ₹ 16,667
  • HDFC Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • SBI Bank

Choose a payment option

Pay ₹ 16,667
  • xxxxxxxxx@okicici
  • xxxxxxxxx@ybl
  • xxxxxxxxx@paytm

Choose a payment option

Pay ₹ 16,667
  • Paytm Wallet
  • Airtel Payment Bank
  • Freecharge Wallet

Choose a payment option

Pay ₹ 16,667
  • Axis Bank EMI
  • Airtel Payment Bank
  • Lazypay EMI

Choose a payment option

Pay ₹ 16,667
  • Lazypay EMI
  • Ola Postpaid

Exclusive Pricing. No Hidden Charges.

  • 1.15%per transaction* Debit Card Payments(Domestic)
  • 1.85%per transaction* Net Banking, Wallet Payments & Credit Card(Domestic)
  • 0.40%per transaction* UPI Payments
  • 0.50% or ₹25per transaction*, whichever is lower NEFT, IMPS & Bank Transfers
  • 2.85%per transaction* Diners, American Express and International Card Payments
  • ₹0 Setup Fee & Maintenance Fee

*Subject to applicable laws, we only charge a service fee and GST on every transaction for various modes of payments.

Integrating PayU Payment Gateway on Shopify


Signup or login to your Shopify account

Click 'Setting' button on the bottom left corner and choose 'Payments' option.

Signup or login to your Shopify account

Go to Payments setup page

Choose 'Alternative payment methods' option and click onthe 'Choose Alternative payment' button.

Go to Payments setup page

Select PayU India On the 'Alternative payment providers' page

Choose 'PayU India' and enter your Merchant key and Merchant salt values. You can get your key and salt from the profile section of your PayU dashboard.

On the 'Alternative payment providers' page

Activate PayU Payment Gateway

Click on the 'Activate PayU Payment Gateway' button. Your Shopify account is now ready to accept payments via PayU. You can also test the integration by checking the 'Enable test mode' option.

Activate PayU Payment Gateway

Frequently Asked Questions

How to enable payments through PayU on my Shopify web store?

To activate PayU:

  1. Signup or login to your Shopify account, click 'Settings' button on the bottom left corner and choose 'Payments' option.
  2. On the Payments setup page, choose 'Alternative payment methods' option and click on the 'Choose Alternative payment' button.
  3. On the 'Alternative payment providers' page, choose 'PayU India' and enter your Merchant key and Merchant salt values.
  4. Click on the 'Activate PayU Payment Gateway' button. Your Shopify account is now ready to accept payments via PayU.

Where can I find my Merchant Key & Salt details?

To find your Key & Salt details:

  1. Login to your PayU account
  2. Navigate to 'Settings' tab on top right corner of your PayU dashboard
  3. Go to 'Integration Details'

I do not have a PayU account, how can I create my PayU account for Shopify store?

If you don’t have an account with PayU, Register here to get started. You can create your account in minutes by following the steps guided on your PayU dashboard - Enter mobile and email details, enter basic business information and then verify your bank account. Please Note this is the bank account into which customer payments will be settled.

Registration for new PayU account is also available on PayU India page of your Shopify dashboard.

What are the meaning of the various onboarding statuses on my PayU dashboard?

The meaning for the various statuses is explained below:

Account Created: A PayU money account has been created with email, mobile & merchant name. No other merchant profile details have been submitted yet.

Profile completed: The merchant profile details like Address, Business Registration information, Bank details etc. has been submitted by or on behalf of the merchant. But the bank account details are not verified yet.

Bank verified: Bank account of the merchant has been verified either by using penny verification or other means, but the merchant is yet to start with the upload of the documents required by PayU money.

Documents Upload in Progress: This status means that the merchant has started with the documents upload process but is yet to complete the same.

Documents Verification in Progress: This status implies that the merchant has successfully completed the upload of all documents required by PayU, but the verification by PayU is in progress.

Documents Rejected: This status implies that the documents submitted by the merchants were incorrect and hence PayU have rejected the same. The merchant may re-upload the right documents on the merchant dashboard.

Website Verified: The status implies that the merchant’s website details have been successfully verified by PayU.

Settlements enabled to verified bank account: This means the merchant is successfully on-boarded to PayU and can receive settlements in his bank account.

What all payment modes are available to my customers on enabling PayU?

By enabling PayU Payment Gateway, your customers can choose to pay via 100+ payment modes that include - Credit card, Debit card, Net Banking, UPI, Wallets and much more.

What is the benefit of enabling PayU as a Payment Gateway?

PayU is India’s leading and most secure payment solutions provider empowering more than 4.5 lakh merchants to offer seamless checkout experience to their customers. With PayU, you get access to 100+ payment options, instant onboarding, and best success rates for your customer transactions.

How long does it take for transactions to get settled?

Settlement of the transactions generally happens on T+2 basis. You can also opt for Same Day Settlements at a nominal charge.

What are the terms for availing the PayU Offer?

  1. PayU Offer is applicable only for new Merchant(s) who sign up with PayU through this link on or after 13th July 2020.(“Term of PayU Offer”). PayU Offer shall expire on 13th January 2021 unless extended by PayU in its sole discretion. PayU may also choose to withdraw the offer before the said date with prior intimation;
  2. Merchant(s) shall enter into a merchant agreement (dashboard agreement/click-wrap/platform terms and conditions) (“Merchant Agreement”) as may be specified by PayU during the Term of the PayU Offer;
  3. Under the PayU Offer, waiver of the Service Fee (as defined in the Merchant Agreement) shall only be applicable for the Transactions (as defined in the Merchant Agreement) done by the Merchant(s) within 3 months from the date of complete on-boarding of the Merchant(s) with PayU to avail PayU Services or upto the total Transaction value of Rs. 5 Lacs using PayU Services, whichever is earlier (“Waiver Terms”).;
  4. The Merchant(s) understands that the waiver of Service Fee offered under the PayU Offer shall be provided as a refund to the Merchant(s) in accordance with the Waiver Terms (“Refund”). The Refund is only applicable a) to the Merchant(s) which are on boarded under PayU Offer; and b) for the transactions which are done on Shopify platform.;
  5. The agreed Refund not exceeding the Service Fee as per the PayU Offer shall be processed within 15 days of the next calendar month;
  6. The Transactions initiated by the Merchant(s) using its own card or account shall not be qualified for the Refund as per the PayU Offer and shall result in immediate disqualification of the Merchant(s) to avail the PayU Offer;
  7. The Merchant(s) acknowledges and understands that any fraudulent, suspicious, non genuine, hacking, computer code generated, man in the middle attack transactions (“Fraudulent Transactions”) shall not be qualified for availing the PayU Offer. Further, any involvement or connivance of the Merchant(s) in relation to the Fraudulent Transactions shall provide an unconditional and irrevocable right to PayU to revoke the PayU Offer and claim and recover any loss, cost, liability, damage, fees and/or other charges that PayU may incur (“Losses”) and Merchant(s) confirms, agrees and undertakes to indemnify PayU and shall keep PayU indemnified for all such Losses without any delay or demur;
  8. The Merchant(s) acknowledges, confirms and agrees that PayU shall have sole and independent right to change, modify, alter, revoke and/or discontinue any or all the terms of the PayU in its sole discretion without giving any prior notice or intimation;
  9. The Merchant(s) acknowledges, confirms and agrees that PayU shall have no obligation whatsoever towards the Merchant(s) and/or any third party in relation to or in connection with discontinuation/revocation/alteration/amendment/change in the terms of the PayU Offer and Merchant(s) hereby expressly disclaims and waves all such right to claim against PayU, under contract or applicable laws; and
  10. For more information and to raise any query, visit

Who can I contact if I need help with my PayU account?

For any kind of assistance, please do contact the PayU Support team @

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